Winter Tips for the Thermostat

Heat pump installed in Wake Forest NCYour winter utility bills can be determined by how your thermostat is set. It sounds easy – set it at the temperature you want to make your home comfortable and leave it. But it’s not that simple. Your settings could affect how much your bills go up in the winter and how efficiently your heating unit is running.

Check out these tips to make your thermostat work better for you and possibly decrease your energy bills. Do you want a new heat pump installed in Wake Forest NC? Call Choice HVAC today for a free quote!

Thermostat Setting Tips for Winter

If you don’t have a programmable thermostat, think about investing in one. The initial cost could be made up by the end of winter because it will help your unit run more efficiently. You can set it to be lower when you’re at work or asleep or any other times you don’t need a warmer home. You won’t have to come home or wake up to a cold house though because you can set it to come on before you get home so that it’ll be comfortable when you arrive. In the morning, you can set it to come on before you wake so that you won’t roll out of bed into a chilly home. Lowering the temperature will lower your energy costs over time.

If you have a regular thermostat, you can still follow these tips to get the most of out of it. First, when you know you’ll be gone for several days, turn down the temperature to 55 degrees F. That will keep the home just warm enough to avoid frozen pipes. An added bonus is that your fridge and freezer won’t be working as hard to keep the contents cool.

A good temperature to keep your home is 68 degrees F. If you’re used to running it higher than that, think about lowering it a degree or two a week to see if your family notices. Start throwing on sweaters or robes to keep warm rather than turning up the heat. There’s no reason to walk around in summer clothes during the winter!

When you’re not home during the day or asleep, turn the thermostat down to 58 degrees F. If you’re a hot sleeper, or like to bundle up under blankets, you can probably go even lower – just don’t go below 55 degrees.

Some may argue that letting your home get cooler when you’re not there means it takes more energy to warm it back up, but that’s not true. It’s using the same energy it would to heat the home to a comfortable temperature, but it’s not running all day long to maintain it.

Cutting back just 10-15 degrees eight hours a day can help you save 10 percent on your heating bills, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Even if you only cut back a degree or two, you’ll save money. The calculation is about two percent for every degree you lower it.

Following these easy tips this winter can help you save money on your utility bills without sacrificing the comfort your family is used to in your home.

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