Why You Should Turn Off Your Furnace in the Summer

Furnace installation in Wake Forest NCSpring has sprung so that means summer is just around the corner. You may need your furnace now for those chilly April and May mornings, but once the temperature rises and it stays warm, chances are you’re not turning on the heat for at least four months.

Did you know that even though you’re not using your furnace, it’s still consuming natural gas or propane? It’s also using electricity even when it’s not running. Do you need affordable services for furnace installation in Wake Forest NC? Call Choice HVAC today for a free quote!

Turning the Furnace Off in the Summer

Even though it’s not in use, the pilot light is still burning gas. It has a small flame that stays lit continuously. It’s used to ignite the furnace’s burners, which are the elements that heat your home.  Keep in mind that some newer models of furnaces use electronic igniters rather than pilot lights, so there isn’t an eternal flame burning all summer along.

Your pilot might have a small flame – smaller than a household candle – but it burns much hotter. It can consume anywhere from 600-900 BTUs. That will cost you about 8 to 10 cents a day, which doesn’t sound like much but over four months it could add up to about $12. That’s not a huge savings, but it’s the cost of an early bird special at the local cafeteria.

Your furnace uses electricity because of the electronic valves that turn on the gas to your burners and that pilot light. There is also a watchdog called a thermocouple keeping an eye on your pilot light. If it senses that it went out, it shuts off the gas to the pilot light so it’s not blown into the air. It’s a safety feature that is important when you’re using your furnace, but it will pull electricity continuously even when not in use.

The money you can save by tuning off the gas and electric for four months could save you about $20 a year. But remember that if your air conditioning unit uses the furnace’s blower to blow cold air into your home in the summer months, you can’t turn it off. If you don’t have central air and you use fans or window units to cool your home, then you can turn off the electricity to the furnace because you won’t be using the blower.

The savings from shutting off the electricity to your furnace are tiny because it only uses around 10 watts, but if you’re a penny pincher, it may be worth it. Add it to the other money you’re saving and you may have enough for two early bird meals!

Just remember come fall that you’ve turned off the pilot light and electricity. Everything will need to be switched back on and you'll need to relight the pilot. You can do it yourself, or have a HVAC technician come in and do it for you. Since having your system checked twice a year should be part of proper maintenance of home’s HVAC system, this is the perfect time. Routine checks are best right before the seasons when you’ll use your heating and air the most.

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