Tips for Preventing Uneven Temps in Two-Story Homes

HVAC Service in Wake Forest NCWelcome back to our continuing series on cooling and heating your two story home. In our previous post, we discussed why your home heats and cools unevenly and how to help your HVAC unit work more efficiently. Together with our skilled team of HVAC technicians, you can identify the major causes of uneven temperatures in your home and how to remedy the situation. If you need the best HVAC service in Wake Forest NC, call Choice HVAC today.

Here are some more helpful tips for preventing uneven temps in your two-story home:

  • Underlying Causes - Figuring out where all this hot air is coming from can be challenging. However, an inspection of your home by a Choice Heating and Air Conditioning team member can help identify common causes. Many homeowners fail to realize that their attic or crawlspace is under insulated. Adding insulation to these two areas of your home can decrease your energy bill and help your HVAC system last longer. Reducing the demand on your system will result in less wear and tear. Tiny air leaks around doors and windows allow for a significant amount of hot air seepage into your home. Hot air rises, so this air, regardless of where it comes into your home, goes right upstairs to collect. Filling these cracks, replacing weatherstripping or windows with faulty seals can help your upper floor stay cooler and keep out hot air.
  • Air Duct Leaks - Your air duct system may have undergone damage or become loose over time. Having your air ducts inspected, reconnected, or replaced can help ensure that the cold air your air conditioner is putting out is reaching your upstairs rooms.
  • Installing a Zoned System - The ability to heat and cool the upper and lower stories of your home separately can add up to big energy savings. Installing a zoned system allows you to divide your home into two zones which can be set at different temperatures. Multiple thermostats will be installed, typically one on each floor, and will control dampers that are installed in your duct work. Acting like valves, these dampers control the flow of warm or cool air through your home by opening and closing.
  • Second System - Installing a second HVAC system can seem like an expensive option to fix this problem, however, it starts to make sense when you consider the amount of money wasted on cooling or heating a home with a single unit that is too small or making regular repairs on an aging unit.
  • Clean Air Filters - Ensuring that the air filters in your home are clean and changed regularly can do wonders for the airflow pattern in your home. Improving your system's ability to take in the air and circulate it properly throughout your home will help cool the upstairs of your home more efficiently.
  • Routine Inspections - Having your system cleaned and inspected routinely can help keep your system in proper working condition. Choice Hearing and Air Conditioning recommends having your system serviced and cleaned twice a year. These preventive maintenance checks can help identify minor issues that need to be repaired before they become much larger issues or require an emergency service call. If your system isn't working properly, this may be one of the reasons your home is not being cooled evenly.

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If you're concerned about the uneven cooling in your home, call Choice HVAC and schedule your complimentary in-home evaluation today. We're the most trusted HVAC service in Wake Forest NC.


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