The Ultimate HVAC April Checklist

Wake Forest HVAC repairBefore the summer heat hits, make sure your HVAC system is ready to stand up to the challenge of cooling your home with these simple steps. Taking the time to prepare your air conditioner now will help ensure that your unit will run worry-free all summer long. To get started make sure these items end up on your April to-do list. If you desire reliable Wake Forest HVAC repair, calling Choice HVAC is the right move. Contact us now for a free estimate.

Schedule Your Air Conditioning Inspection
Did you know that most HVAC manufacturers recommend that you have your system cleaned and inspected twice a year? During these appointments, Choice Heating and Air Conditioning technicians will clean your unit and give it a thorough inspection. Small problems will be identified, and our technicians will make suggestions for repairs. These preventative repairs can help keep larger, more damaging issues from happening to your HVAC system. With Choice's upfront pricing guarantee, you'll know how much your repairs will cost before the work begins. Don't wait until you're hot and uncomfortable to call for your service appointment!

Clear Vents and Registers in Your Home
All vents and registers should be unblocked by furniture and window coverings. Blocking the airflow to your system can cause your system to work harder than it needs to and can cause your energy bill to increase. Anything that causes your system to struggle to move air can impact its performance and the lifespan of your system.

Close Vents Carefully
Closing off vents in unused portions of your home can help move the cold air where you want it. However, be careful with this practice. Never close off more than 20% of your home's air conditioning vents. Doing so will cause your system to struggle to force the remaining air through the vents. Remember, making your system work harder means increased energy bills and decreased system life.

Clear Away Debris
The exterior unit of your air conditioning system needs some love, too. Over the winter months, branches, grass, trash, and other debris can collect around the outdoor unit of your HVAC system. Clear away the debris and trim back bushes, grass, and other plants to give your unit proper air circulation around it. While this maintenance may seem incredibly simple, it is key to helping your system run efficiently all summer long.

Change Your Air Filter
Dirty or clogged air filters can cause your HVAC system to work harder than it needs to. As a result, your energy bill will increase and, in some cases, essential components in your system can wear out more quickly. Air filters are inexpensive and changing them regularly is a great way to help ensure that your system isn't working harder than it needs to and that you're protecting yourself from expensive repairs.

Wake Forest HVAC Repair | Choice HVAC

Don't wait until you have an air conditioning problem this summer to call Choice Heating and Air Conditioning for affordable Wake Forest HVAC repair. Schedule your spring maintenance appointment with our experienced team of HVAC professionals today! Ask about our planned maintenance agreements to protect your HVAC system and your budget with great features like bi-annual maintenance checks, preferred service call status, and discounted pricing on parts and labor.

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