Troubleshooting and Repairing Window AC Units

Extra Air Conditioner in Wake Forest NCThere is nothing more frustrating than walking into a room expecting it to be cool and comfortable and finding that it is anything but. If your window AC unit isn't working correctly, there are a few common things to check before you go through the headache of purchasing and installing a new unit. Whether your unit is noisy, not turning on at all, or not putting out cool air, this post can help. Need an extra air conditioner in Wake Forest NC? Call Choice HVAC today to go over your options.

Are you turning the TV up a little louder every night to hear your favorite shows over the drone of the window AC unit? If so, your unit may need some essential maintenance. The bearings in your window unit may need to be oiled. There are many instructional videos on YouTube that demonstrate this process. To find the correct one, simply search by the manufacturer name. If you have oiled the bearings and the unit is still making noise, you may need to call for a repair on the unit. In some cases, and depending on the age of the window air conditioner, you may be better off replacing the unit altogether.

If the air compressor isn't turning on in your AC unit, you need to check to be sure the unit is receiving adequate power. These air conditioners require quite a bit of electricity. If they are unable to get it, things can begin to malfunction. You can use a voltage tester if you have one or use another appliance, like a lamp, to test and see if the outlet the unit is plugged into has power. If the lamp doesn't light, it is possible that the circuit has overloaded and tripped a breaker in the circuit box or blown a fuse. Once you have changed the fuse or reset the breaker, plug the air conditioner back in and turn it on. If the test with the lamp works, then it is possible that the thermostat in the window unit needs to be replaced or that the unit's switch is faulty.

No cold air coming out of your air conditioner? Then it may need a good cleaning. In some rare cases, your AC could use a refrigerant recharge. Cleaning your window unit is a reasonably straightforward task. Look up a video tutorial on YouTube by searching the manufacturer's name and the model number. Ensure that you have all the needed tools on hand before you begin. Unplug your air conditioner and start by cleaning or replacing the air filter. If this filter is clogged, the unit may overheat and shut down. Using the soft bristle attachment of your vacuum, you can clean the coil's fins. Wipe down the drains and clean the drip tray of your unit. Sometimes water or debris will clog the drain and cause the unit to shut down as a safety precaution.

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