How to Troubleshoot Your Broken Furnace

Furnace Installation in Wake Forest NCWhile the weather is getting warmer, there is still a definite chill in the air and waking up to a furnace that isn't working can make for an uncomfortable day in your home. Before you call for service, troubleshoot common issues with these helpful tips. Furnace installation in Wake Forest NC is easy with Choice HVAC. Call today for a free estimate!

Check for a Tripped Circuit Breaker
It is possible that a power surge or other event caused the circuit breaker that controls your furnace to trip. Find your circuit panel or fuse box and try turning the switch off and then on. If that doesn't do the trick you may have blown a fuse. Wait for your furnace to cycle and check to ensure that the circuit hasn't been tripped again or the fuse hasn't blown. If this happens again, call for service right away. There is also a switch near your furnace that turns the furnace on and off. Check this switch to ensure that it hasn't been accidentally turned off.

Check Your Thermostat
When the daytime temperatures get warm, a well-meaning spouse or child may turn the temperature on the thermostat down. As a result, your furnace may not be triggered to turn on and heat your home to its normal temperature. It is also possible that someone turned the system off. Make sure that the thermostat is set correctly and turned on. If it is, check to see if the batteries in the digital display need to be replaced. Dead batteries mean that your thermostat is unable to register the temperature in your home and is unable to signal your furnace to turn on.

Pilot Light Issue
Older furnace models may have a standing pilot light. A dirty or damaged pilot light may cause your furnace to work improperly. To check your pilot light, remove the furnace cover panel with a screwdriver. Your pilot light should be burning blue. If it is orange or yellow or tends to flicker, you may need to call an experienced HVAC company like Choice Heating and Air Conditioning for service. If the light is entirely out, you can attempt to relight the pilot light yourself.

Affordable Furnace Installation in Wake Forest NC

Did you know that as your furnace ages it becomes less energy efficient? If your furnace is more than 12 years old, you may need to replace your unit. Ask us about our services for furnace installation in Wake Forest NC. Your specialist from Choice HVAC can also help as you consider whether new heating equipment would be an appropriate decision for your home. Our team is available to provide these heating services at your convenience with a free estimation. Choice HVAC is the number one provider of quality customer service in the Wake Forest NC area. We offer 24-hour emergency service to keep your family comfortable all winter long. You'll also love our upfront pricing. No need to be surprised any more than you already are. You'll know how much everything will cost before we get there. Call our office today and ask about our seasonal specials.

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