Trick-or-Treating Safety Tips

heat pump repair in Wake Forest NCAs the month winds down, the streets will be filled with zombies, witches, ghosts, and monsters all looking for some candy. Halloween night is filled with excitement and fun. No matter how young or old your trick-or-treater is, these safety tips can help make it a great night to remember. The winter weather is coming so if you need heat pump repair in Wake Forest NC, now is the time to call Choice HVAC. Get your free estimates today.

Costume Considerations
Oversized shoes, large masks, all black outfits, and props are all part of the fun of Halloween. However, these items can pose a danger to your child. If your child's costume is made of a mostly dark-colored material, add reflective tape along the bottom to help them be more visible to drivers. Skip the oversized shoes and let them wear shoes they are comfortable in instead. Masks, beards, and wigs can obstruct vision. Instead, opt for using face paint and be sure to trim and style beards and wigs before Halloween night. Props should be made of soft, flexible material or rubber whenever possible so that it can bend if your child falls while carrying it.

Make a Plan
Most families have favorite houses to visit while trick-or-treating every year. Use those houses as a meeting point for older children who are allowed to trick-or-treat with friends. Frequent check-ins will enable them to have their fun with friends while you keep an eye on them. Plan a trick-or-treat route before the big night and make sure your preteen has a fully charged phone and knows where they are supposed to meet you. Younger children will be excited to trick-or-treat before the sun goes down, but after dark can be a little scary. Give them a flashlight and let them shine it on decorations, costumes, and other things that may spook them once it gets dark.

Talk About Safety
While the night is filled with excitement and fun, safety is still an important consideration. As a family, talk about the right way to cross the street and the importance of staying on the sidewalk at all times. Once everyone has made it home with their bags full of candy, inspect treats for potential allergens and tampering.

The staff at Choice Heating and Air Conditioning wishes you and your family a very safe and Happy Halloween.

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