Tips for Using Portable and Window Fans This Summer

Air Conditioning Installed in Garner NCWith the mercury rising, homeowners across the Garner area are looking for ways to keep their homes cool. If your home lacks air conditioning or you are waiting on an air conditioning repair, window fans may offer the relief from the heat you are looking for. Follow these helpful tips for using window fans and portable fans around your home to stay cool and comfortable. If you need new air conditioning installed in Garner NC, call Choice HVAC today for a free estimate.

The most important thing to consider when it comes to window fans is the size of the unit. For the most efficient cool, your window fan should fill the window itself. While many models have adjustable flaps that will help further seal the window against pests, rain and air control, you can improvise with cardboard or wood. Choosing the right size fan is key to the efficiency of the fan. If the fan is too small, the room will not be adequately cooled. If the unit is too large, it may not fit in the window properly. Be sure to measure your window openings before purchasing a window fan.

Using these fans effectively requires you to have a fan system that works in tandem. You need to have window fans drawing cool air in and portable fans pushing the hot air out. Ideally, it is best to have the number of fans blowing cool air in be equal to the number of fans pushing the hot air out.

Choosing the placement of these fans is critical as well. The side of your home that is the most shaded should be where the fans that are drawing the air in are placed. Outward blowing fans should be put on the opposite side from the intake fans to create a cross-breeze effect in the room. If your home has two stories, choose to put your inward blowing fans on the lower level and your outward blowing fans on the upper level where the hot air collects.

Pulling the cool night air into your home and then trapping it inside is the best way to ensure consistent temperature throughout your home during the day. The cool night air is drawn in and circulated by the window fans. Once the internal temperature of the home has reached the desired level, the window should be shut, and blinds or curtains should be drawn to help keep the sunlight from heating the home up again. In the afternoon, if necessary, open upstairs windows and begin to pull the hot air out of the house.

If you utilize the window fan method for cooling your home, it is important to be aware of the weather in your area. Water and electrical damage can occur if your window fan is exposed to the elements. Rain can cause window fan units to short out and catch fire, so it is imperative that they are removed from your windows when there is rain in the forecast.

Get New Air Conditioning Installed in Garner NC This Summer

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