Tips for Purchasing a Replacement Furnace

Wake Forest NC heating repair companyReplacing your home’s furnace is a big financial investment, but it’s one that will pay off in the long run. You’re probably getting rid of a unit that’s 15 or more years old. Those units aren’t energy efficient and may have had leaks or build up that caused your unit to work harder and use more energy in order to heat your home.

There are a few things to consider when replacing your furnace, from deciding on size to seeing what kind of warranty it has. Here are a few questions to ask yourself before you make that big purchase. If you need further help, call Choice HVAC today. We are the best Wake Forest NC heating repair company to keep your family comfortable no matter what the season.

Gas or electric?
An electric system will cost less upfront, but your electric bills will be more expensive than if you had a gas unit. It will be quieter, run cleaner and last 20-30 years. There’s less risk of carbon monoxide poisoning with an electric unit. These units are also easier to maintain, but it’s still recommended that they have routine checks twice a year.

A gas system will be more expensive to purchase, but you will have cheaper utility bills because it’s a less expensive form of energy. Its lifespan is only 10-12 years, half that of the electric unit. They heat the home faster and work better in extremely cold temperatures. The risk of carbon monoxide poisoning is greater, so it’s important that routine maintenance checks are made regularly.

What size?
You’ll need to check out the design of your floor plan, and the existing ductwork and insulation. You can go by the size of your previous unit, but you may need to consider how well (or not) it worked. A unit that is too large wastes energy and one that is too small will run more trying to maintain the temperature you want.

Your home’s floor plan isn’t the only factor in determining size. You’ll have to consider British Thermal Unit (BTU), which measures the heating efficiency and output capacity of the unit. Make sure the new unit’s output capacity is comparable to the old one. Input ratings on newer furnaces will be lower. The number of BTUs will also be calculated based on the climate you live in. Someone in a colder area will need more BTUs per square foot.

What AFUE rating?
The Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency, or AFUE, will tell you how efficient the unit is in heating your home. One with a higher rating is going to be more expensive, but it will use less energy to run, making your utility bills lower each month. You could see more savings over the lifespan of the unit by investing in one that has a higher rating.

What kind of warranty?
The manufacturer’s warranty usually only covers parts for the number of years noted when you purchased it. They are generally basic warranties that only last for 5 years. You always have the option of adding an extended warranty, but check out the fine print to see what it covers and if there are any restrictions. Remember that it doesn’t cover the cost of labor if you have a HVAC technician repair the unit or replace the part for you.

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