More Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your AC

Air Conditioner Installation in Garner NCSummertime is just around the corner, and it’s time for those air conditioning systems to be turned on. In our previous blog, we talked about some preventive things you could do to make sure your AC unit was in good working order. In this post, we will be sharing some tips on how to help your AC unit when it is in use.

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    1. Items such as furniture and plants should be stored at a safe distance from units to prevent clogging of vents or ducts.
    2. Don’t close vents or the doors to rooms. Closing off vents or doors creates more pressure on the unit and can create small leaks in ducting.
    3. To increase air flow, turn on ceiling fans. The extra airflow will help circulate the cold air around the room and throughout your house.
    4. When you go out of town during the summer, raise the temperature, so the system isn’t working hard when no one is there to enjoy it. Similarly, adjust it when you go to work. Installing a programmable thermostat can help. Some newer thermostats even have wireless readers that can be placed in various rooms. Ask your Choice representative about adding this feature to your new AC installation.
    5. Lamps and other appliances that produce heat can actually trick your thermostat into thinking it's warmer in your home than it is. Keep these away from your thermostat.
    6. Shading your AC unit can help it run and cool more efficiently. While plants and trees should be maintained at a distance, providing shade will be helpful. Ensure that you check the unit for leaves and debris regularly.
    7. Turn off any power attic ventilators. While you may think this is helping keep your home cool, it actually may be pulling the cold air out of your home.
    8. Installing shades, drapes or blinds, and keeping them closed during the hottest time of day, will help keep your home cooler.
    9. Don’t use your dryer or oven during the hottest part of the day. They warm up the house which then triggers your AC unit to turn on. Save these tasks for the evening hours. Instead, utilize a crockpot, your barbecue grill, or make cold salads for dinner. Need to dry that load of towels? String up a clothesline and take advantage of that beautiful summer sun.

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