The Top Smart Thermostats on the Market

Furnace installation in Wake Forest NCSmart thermostats can give you more control over your home’s heating and cooling system, which can help you save money on your utility bills. They have the capability to give you remote access to adjust the temperature when you’re not home as well as the ability to program itself by learning your behaviors. A smart thermostat can be a good investment that can save you money while keeping your home comfortable.

Let’s take a look at a few of the more popular smart thermostats available. Do you need affordable services for furnace installation in Wake Forest NC? Call Choice HVAC today for a free quote!

The Top Smart Thermostats

Nest Thermostat
Cost: $250
One of the first smart thermostats available, this combines remote capabilities and learned behaviors. It is customizable and self-programmable. It is easy to install and begins to learn your behavior immediately. It even lights up when you walk into the room, showing you the current temperature. You will be able to control the thermostat from an app on your phone, but you probably won’t need to because it will have adjusted itself according to your lifestyle. It also offers energy reports so you can see the energy you’re using as well as what you’re saving.

Honeywell Thermostats
Cost: $200-500 (depending on model)
The Honeywell name probably sounds familiar as it’s been around for decades. They have a few models of smart thermostats, including the Lyric, which has remote control capability with its phone app. It will also send notifications if there is a sudden drop in temperature or another issue, such as a frozen or leaking pipe, in your home. Another model is the Z-Wave, which is compatible with the other home management products they offer, so that you can control the heating and cooling along with lighting, security and other available features. The Honeywell Wi-Fi is considered the easiest to set up and use and can be programmed after answering a few questions. Like the others models, you can also control it using a smartphone app.

Ecobee3 Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat
Cost: $249
Remote sensors throughout the house give this thermostat an advantage over the others. By knowing where you are in the house, or if you are in the house at all, it determines how to best cool or heat the home. It also factors in the temperature outside to help keep your home at an ideal temperature. It has the standard features of the others, including learning your behavior and allowing remote access to the controls.

Sensi Wi-Fi Thermostat
Cost: $110
Easy installation is one of the benefits of this smart thermostat. It can be installed anywhere, even in homes that may have trouble with other thermostats because it doesn’t require a “c-wire” to work. It has programmable settings and allows you to make adjustments. It is a good option for someone who wants a lot of control over their thermostat and doesn’t mind programming it. It can be controlled via a phone app, and allows you to see energy reports. If you don’t need or want the Wi-Fi capabilities, it can work as a standard thermostat.

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