The Best Temperature to Set Your Thermostat During the Winter

Temperatures are steadily dropping in the triangle, and if you're like so many homeowners, you wondering what temperature you should set your thermostat to during these winter months. While we'd love to give you a simple answer, the reality is that it's not that simple. However, today we'll discuss some general recommendations for heating your home and setting your thermostat during the winter.

As a general rule of thumb, we generally recommend that you set your temperature accordingly during the winter:

Daytime Hours:

If someone is at home during the day, 72° F is okay, but 68° F is better from a cost-savings perspective. You can always turn the heat up a notch if you're cold or wear a sweater.

Evening Hours:

If everyone is away (at work, out of town, etc) from home during the day or you're asleep at night, try a temperature between 66° F to 62° F. 

Energy-Efficient Winter Heating Strategy

Now that you've gotten up and reset the thermostat, let's talk about how you might benefit from establishing an energy-efficient winter heating strategy that will keep your home cozy and your thermostat settings reasonable without doing significant damage to your heating bill.

Slowly Ease into Winter Savings

Ask any homeowner what temperature they prefer and they'll likely give you a number. Every home has its own temperature preference. Unfortunately, simply setting the thermostat to that temperature and leaving it alone won't help you save any money on your energy bill. Rather, try this approach:

Set your thermostats at whatever your desired temperature may be. Once the weather consistently stays in the same temperature range, and your family becomes acclimated to those temperatures, start lowering the temperature on your thermostat by one degree each week. For example, if you started at 72, lower it to 71 in week 2, 70 in week 3, etc. This one-degree reduction, maintained for even eight hours, can reduce your home's energy bill by 1 percent. And in this case, decreasing the temperature even further, for longer periods of time will increase those savings. So, gradually lower your thermostat and watch the savings roll in.

Invest in a Programmable Thermostat

Times when your home is left empty, such as while you work or while you're traveling during the holidays, are great opportunities to lower your thermostat and reduce expenses. However, most people don't remember to adjust their thermostat every single time they leave their home for any period of time. Therefore, invest in a programmable thermostat and optimize it for the best results.

Look for Other Ways to Control the Temperature in Your Home

Your thermostat is only one way to heat and cool your home. If you still want to save money on your energy bill, look for other ways to control the temperature and/or your comfort level while at home. Here's a few ideas:

  1. Focus your home's heating efforts on the rooms that are being used by closing doors and vents to unused rooms. This will make it easier for your furnace to deliver the desired temperature to occupied living spaces.
  2. Seal any cracks around your windows and door jambs to avoid heat escaping from your home.
  3. Keep blankets handy or wear a sweater around the house to keep warm.
  4. Use space heaters in occupied rooms while you're using them.

Schedule an Annual Furnace Maintenance and Inspection

If you haven't done so already, call Call CHOICE Heating & Air Conditioning today to schedule a maintenance check. HVAC systems that are regularly maintained will last longer. Why? Tune-ups are designed to ensure optimum performance and to spot potential failures. When a part fails, the system is under undue strain. The strain causes other parts to work harder and, in turn, damages them as well. Don't wait for the system to fail. Call and have one of our HVAC experts check out your system. Don't forget to ask about our current offers.

Determining the perfect winter thermostat setting is really a matter of personal preference. Try employing the approaches above to help you find the setting that is right for your family and with any luck, you may just save money this season!

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