HVAC repair in Wake Forest NC

A Choice truck was in the neighbor I talked to the technician to see if he could come over after his call to fix my AC, I was told I had to check with the company. He left and was back a couple hours later and fixed my system. I was thankful that I did not have to wait days to have the AC fixed.

Aubree B, Raleigh,

My wife and I called Choice to get a second opinion on our dead compressor. Brian came out check over the system and explained that yes the compressor was dead and then asked if we still had a home warranty. We checked to see if our home warranty would cover the repair, it did. The repaired was carried out by another company because of the warranty, we are so grateful to Brian and Choice for savings us thousands of dollars when they did not have to.

Andrew and Sarah J, Wake Forest,

I was thoroughly satisfied with our first encounter with this company. Choice walk my wife through some home fixes over the phone, our breaker was tripped. My wife had the AC fixed without a service charge, when we have a really problem Choice will be the only call we will make.

Jerry P, Wake Forest,

I was very surprised that with it being 98 outside Choice was able to fit me in. They called me an hour before my service window to let me know the tech was running behind and may not get to me on time. I was asked if this was a problem, I was reassured that he would be there to fix the AC. He was only 30 min late, he fix it and I had cool air.

Susan H, Youngsville,

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