Telltale Signs Your Furnace Is Dying

Furnace Repair in Wake Forest NCNo homeowner wants to think about their furnace breaking in the middle of winter but it can happen. There are many telltale signs that your furnace is failing which should cause you to reach for the phone and call an experienced HVAC company like Choice Heating and Air Conditioning. Avoid getting caught without heat or having to pay an emergency service call fee by paying attention to what your system is trying to tell you. Need furnace repair in Wake Forest NC? If you haven't had your unit inspected in the last six months, give Choice Heating and Air a call. We'll get you scheduled with one of our highly trained HVAC technicians today!

Strange Noises
When you turn on your furnace for the first time during the year, everything sounds strange. Most homeowners quickly remember what their furnace sounds like or know how the regular cycling of an HVAC unit should sound. If your unit is making popping, rattling, banging, or squealing noises, you could have a problem developing with your unit. Paying attention to the audio cues your furnace gives you can help you get an HVAC technician out to diagnose and repair the problem before it causes your furnace to fail.

Burner Flame Color Change
On gas furnaces, the gas flame should burn a bright blue. If this flame flickers or turns yellow it could indicate that the gas burn in your furnace is incomplete. A yellow or flickering flame is also a sign that your furnace is producing carbon monoxide. This colorless and odorless gas is dangerous. See our previous post on carbon monoxide in your home. Other signs of carbon monoxide issues in your home include:

  • Leaking water at the base of the vent, flue pipe or chimney.
  • Appliance jacks, pipe connections, or flue pipes with excessive rusting.
  • Lack of an upward draft in your chimney.
  • Soot streaks around your furnace.
  • Rust on the exterior vent pipe.
  • Moisture developing on the walls, windows, or other cold surfaces in your home.

Dry or Dusty Air
Static electricity shocks, cracking floors, frequent dust accumulation, and worsening allergies can all be signs that your furnace isn't working correctly. Your furnace should filter the air as it cycles through your home. If your air is extremely dry and dusty, your furnace may be having trouble cleaning and processing the air adequately. Newer furnaces can improve air quality and add humidity to your home with built-in humidifiers.

Frequent Service Calls
Do you have to call for service routinely? If so, your furnace may be slowly dying. The average life of a residential furnace is between 10 - 15 years. If your furnace is approaching that age, you may want to talk with the professional staff at Choice Heating and Air Conditioning about replacing your unit. Most units fail entirely within the last two years of the life cycle. Increasing service calls are a good indicator that it's time to replace your system.

Increased Energy Costs
If your energy costs seem to be creeping up, then your furnace may be failing. As your furnace ages, it begins to lose its efficiency. The extra money you're spending on your energy bills can quickly add up towards the cost of a new, more energy efficient furnace.

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The Benefits of a New Furnace Repair in Wake Forest NC

In need of furnace repair in Wake Forest NC this winter? Call Choice Heating and Air Conditioning in 2017. We have years of experience so we can help you make the right choice for your home. Our upfront pricing means that you'll know how much you'll pay. We never have hidden costs. We’re the most trusted provider of furnace repair service and installation in the Triangle because of our dedication to customer service. Call our Wake Forest office today!

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