More Signs Your Furnace Is Failing

Furnace Replacement in Wake Forest NCWelcome back! Today we're back with more signs your furnace is failing. As we continue to look at ways that many homeowners overlook their furnace's subtle clues that something is wrong, we will review the signs we discussed in our previous post. Increasing energy bills, dry and dusty air, frequent repairs, and strange noises are all ways that your furnace is trying to tell you something is wrong. If you need service for furnace replacement in Wake Forest NC, call Choice HVAC for a free quote.

There are more ways to know that something is wrong that many homeowners miss. Cold spots in your home or rooms that are too hot can be an indicator that there is a problem with your furnace. Continually having to adjust the thermostat or shut doors to try and trick the thermostat into working more efficiently can mean your furnace is struggling.

Another cue that your furnace is failing comes from your thermostat. If your thermostat is reading correctly, but the air temperature in your home doesn't ever reach the desired set temperature, your furnace is failing. When this occurs, you need to call Choice Heating and Air Conditioning. Your furnace running continually or kicking on the emergency heat to help meet the demand for warm air in your home is a bad sign.

Have you had your furnace cleaned and serviced for the season? Before the holiday season gets into full swing, call the professional team at Choice and let us come to your home to inspect and clean your unit. These inspections help identify smaller issues before they become big headaches and can help save you money on repairs and your utility bill. Cleaning the components of your system and ensuring your gas furnace is working correctly helps keep your family safe and the air quality of your home good all season long.

Remember to change your air filters every four to six weeks to help your furnace stay running efficiently and to help keep indoor air allergens to a minimum. See our previous post on how the air quality in your home can impact your seasonal allergies and how to select the right filter for your furnace to help.

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