Schedule Your Wake Forest HVAC Fall Tune Up

Furnace Installation in Wake Forest NC Now is the best time to schedule your furnace service with Choice Heating and Air Conditioning. With the holiday season rapidly approaching and nighttime temperatures dipping lower and lower, many homeowners are thinking about turning on the heat. Before you crank up the thermostat, let the HVAC professionals at Choice clean and inspect your system. For big savings on heat pump and furnace installation in Wake Forest NC, call Choice HVAC!

Every year, thousands of families are sickened by carbon monoxide poisoning. One of the best reasons to have your furnace inspected before use this year is to check for loose connections or cracks in hoses that would allow this colorless and odorless gas to seep into your home. Installing carbon monoxide detectors in your home is a smart choice. Fall is the perfect time to test both these and your smoke detectors. Batteries should be replaced every six months to ensure that these devices are working correctly.

A professional HVAC technician from Choice Heating and Air Conditioning will perform a thorough inspection of your furnace during your fall service call. This service includes inspecting the physical unit as well as the components of the system. Our technicians will inspect and check the heat exchanger, pilot light, gas pressure, and burner combustion. The combustion chamber of your furnace will also be tested for cracks and dirt and debris will be removed.

During your inspection, connections to the gas supply (when appropriate) and electrical connections will be checked and tested to ensure a tight and secure connection. The thermostat on your unit will be calibrated to deliver an accurate response from your furnace to the fluctuating temperatures in your home. Airflow and ventilation throughout the system will be tested. Changing your air filters in your system regularly will keep your system from working too hard to pull air in through dirty filters. This will save you on energy costs and it can extend the life of your system.

A complete inspection of your furnace can help determine if any repairs need to be made. Catching small problems early before they become costly repairs or an emergency service call is key. Ask your technician about our planned maintenance agreements that help keep your HVAC system running great and protect your monthly budget. With our service agreements, you receive two service calls a year to check your furnace and your air conditioning unit before the season starts and you also enjoy preferred service call status as well as discounted pricing and covered repairs to your system. Protecting your investment, your budget, and keeping your energy costs low are just some of the reasons that homeowners choose to invest in a planned service agreement with Choice Heating and Air Conditioning of Wake Forest.

Savings On Heat Pump and Furnace Installation in Wake Forest NC

If your furnace barely made it through last winter or you've noticed your energy bills steadily increasing, the time to replace your old furnace with a new unit from Choice Heating and Air Conditioning is now. We proudly offer the best names in the home comfort business, and our team can help you choose the right size furnace for your home. With more Energy Star rated furnaces than anyone in the area, let our team show you just how much you could be saving with a new unit from Choice. We offer the best prices for heat pump and furnace installation in Wake Forest NC.

Call us and schedule your fall cleaning and inspection!


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