How to Set a Schedule for Your Nest Thermostat

Wake Forest NC HVAC serviceMany homeowners are installing smart thermostats in their homes to save on energy costs and help keep their homes comfortable, without constant thermostat adjustments. While many programmable thermostats offer the ability to set a schedule for your home’s heating and cooling needs, the Nest thermostat makes it easy to set and edit your schedule. If you need Wake Forest NC HVAC service, Choice Heating and Air can help you. Call us today for a free estimate.

Over time, your Nest will learn your preferences and begin to automatically adjust the temperature of your home. However, if you would rather have your Nest follow a set schedule with specific temperatures at specific times, follow these easy instructions below.

From Your Nest App on Your Smartphone

Tap the Nest Thermostat on the main screen of your app.

In the bottom menu tray, tap on the calendar/clock icon that says schedule. This will bring up a screen that looks like a calendar. To set your schedule, click on the day of the week you wish to edit.

In the lower right-hand corner, click on the word “add”. A grid will appear over the calendar day. By tapping on the vertical axis above the times listed along the bottom of the calendar screen you can set a specific temperature for that specific time. For example, if you want your home to be 74 degrees at 2:00 PM tap anywhere above “2P”.

When you tap on the grid, a dot will appear that indicates the desired temperature. To adjust this temperature, tap and hold the dot. Drag it up and down to the correct temperature and let go. To adjust the time, drag the dot from side to side to adjust in 15 minute increments.

To add additional time and temperature settings, repeat the process. Remember to swipe to the left to scroll through the rest of the days of the week. If you want the temperature to be 74 degrees in your home every day at 2:00 PM you will need to repeat this process six times.

To remove an entry, tap “remove” in the lower right-hand corner and then tap on the set temperature to delete it.

Setting Your Schedule on the Nest Device

If you don’t want to use your smartphone to set your schedule, you can use the scroll wheel and display on your Nest to set the schedule. Rotate through the choices on the dial until you find the schedule option. Click on this to begin setup.

Once you are on the schedule screen, use the wheel to scroll to the time of day you want and click the wheel to set it. Then turn the wheel to set the desired temperature and click the unit to set it.  Repeat this process through the remaining days of the week.

To change an existing entry, scroll over the setting and select “change” to make adjustments. You can also select “remove” to delete the entry.

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