Safety Tips for Deep Frying a Thanksgiving Turkey

Wake Forest HVAC repairDeep frying your turkey has become one of the most popular ways to cook the holiday bird. While the juiciness, flavor, and the speed of cooking are all perks to this popular style, the danger that is associated with this method can deter some cooks from giving it a try. However, by following some safety guidelines and putting a few precautions in place, you can fry your Thanksgiving turkey with confidence. Searching for Wake Forest HVAC repair? Choice HVAC is here to help you. Call us today for a free estimate!

Choose the Right Place to Fry
When it comes to selecting a place to cook your turkey, you'll need to keep your fryer off the deck of your home, out of the garage, and a safe distance away from other buildings, people, and landscaping. Don't operate a fryer in the snow or rain. Be sure to place your fryer on a level surface.

Set Up Your Fryer
The oil in your fryer can ignite and cause a fire so be sure to check the manufacturer's instructions to avoid overfilling. When using a propane-powered fryer, leave at least 2 feet between the burner and the tank. During cooking, keep a grease-rated fire extinguisher nearby. Do not use oil on grease fires. Always wear goggles when working with turkey fryers.

Cook with Care
Before cooking, ensure that your turkey is completely thawed and dry. Water mixed with the hot oil can cause flare ups. When you select your turkey, the ideal frying size is between eight and ten pounds. Birds that are over 12 pounds are not recommended for frying. Skip the water-based marinades and stuffing. Lower your turkey slowly into the fryer after the burner has been turned off. Choose a fryer with a temperature control that will let you set the temperature and keep the oil below its smoke point. When you are done cooking, carefully remove the pot from the burner and place it on a level surface. The oil should be allowed to cool overnight and disposed of properly.

Deep frying your Thanksgiving turkey can give you delicious results with the proper preparation. Your HVAC system can keep you and your holiday guests cozy with the right preventative maintenance from Choice Heating and Air Conditioning. Don't get caught with a house full of company and a non-working furnace this holiday season. Let our experienced technicians clean and inspect your furnace. Identify small problems before they become significant issues with your HVAC system.

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