Risk Factors of Not Having a Carbon Monoxide Alarm in Your Home

heat repair in Wake Forest NCOver 400 people die each year as a result of exposure to carbon monoxide (CO). Don’t be one of them. Known as the silent killer, CO is an odorless, toxic gas that can cause sickness and death in a matter of minutes if a person is exposed to high levels. If you're concerned about CO poisoning in your home, call Choice HVAC for trustworthy heat repair in Wake Forest NC.

CO accumulates in the blood and then blocks the oxygen in the cells. Hemoglobin, which is found in the red blood cells, usually carries oxygen throughout the body, but CO attaches itself to it and replaces the oxygen. If a person is exposed to a high level of CO in a short period of time, it can cause asphyxiation.

Symptoms of low-level CO poisoning are sometimes confused with the flu. They include headache, nausea, dizziness, weakness and disorientation. Being exposed to CO in lower levels over a long period of time puts a person at risk of developing permanent health problems. If a person is exposed to higher levels of CO, he or she may feel sleepy, anxious, confused or have impaired vision or coordination.

It is important to protect yourself and your family from CO poisoning. Because it is odorless and tasteless, it’s nearly impossible to detect. Keep your family safe by taking the proper precautions.

The most important safety measure is investing in a carbon monoxide alarm for your home and garage. According to surveys taken in the industry, only 50 percent of homes in the U.S. have carbon monoxide alarms. Don’t be one of the homes at risk for the following by not installing a carbon monoxide alarm in your home.

1. Long term, undetected exposure
A properly functioning heating system or other appliance should ventilate any unsafe byproducts it may produce. If the equipment malfunctions, has a leak, or has worn or faulty parts, it can produce CO that can escape into your home. Because it doesn’t have a smell, color or taste, you and your family will be unaware of it. A carbon monoxide alarm will alert you if it detects that this dangerous gas is present in your living areas.

2. Carbon monoxide poisoning
If you’re not aware that there is a CO leak in your home, you and your family are at risk for poisoning. Low levels of CO can cause the symptoms mentioned above over a period of time. It can eventually cause permanent damage physically and mentally. If you’re exposed to CO at high levels, the symptoms will appear suddenly and get worse quickly. It can cause someone to become sleepy or pass out, and if they are unconscious in a room with CO pouring in, it can lead to death.

3. Unexpected, costly repairs
While the health consequences are the most important reason to install a carbon monoxide alarm, there are financial factors to consider. If the fuel burning appliances you use are faulty or broken and cause a CO leak they need to be repaired as soon as possible. If the problem is found early enough, it can keep you from needing a costly replacement if it’s something that can be repaired.

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