Residential Fan Guide for Summer

Air Conditioner Installation Near Garner NCAs the temperatures heat up, the need to cool down your home increases. While your air conditioning system does the lion's share of the work, the right fan can help keep the rooms in your home extra cool and comfortable as well as provide circulation of the air throughout your home. Fortunately for homeowners, there are plenty of decor friendly options to choose from.

Adding a fan to your room helps the already cool air circulate through the room. The circulation of the air makes the room, and you, feel cooler. The fan type you choose will depend on what kind of air movement you are looking for, the space you have available and, of course, your budget. It is important to note that fans can help you reduce your summer energy costs. By installing a fan in your room and circulating the air, you can turn the thermostat up a few degrees and still be cool and comfortable. Even a small temperature increase by just a few degrees will have a significant impact on your energy bill.

Let our fan guide help you choose the right type of fan for your home this summer. Many fans now come with the option of a remote control. This is particularly convenient if your fan is mounted on the wall or the ceiling, where it may be difficult to reach the controls.

  • Pedestal fans - With their adjustable stand and wide coverage area these fans are great for moving air throughout a large room.
  • Wall fans - Mounted on the wall in your home, these oscillating fans can tilt and angle for just the right amount of breeze in your home.
  • Table fans - Perfect for your desk, by the bed, or end table, these small but powerful fans can be moved easily throughout your home.
  • Ceiling fans - Suspended from the ceiling these fans are not only helpful in the summer but also in the winter. Ceiling fans move the cool and warm air through your room and provide an adjustable amount of air movement based on the fan speed. They are available with or without lighting fixtures.
  • Box Fan - The powerhouse of portable fans, these fans can move a significant amount of air throughout your home.

Ensure that you are getting the most out of your fans by keeping the blades clean and free of dust and dirt. If your fans have been in storage or are frequently moved, check the cords to ensure that they are not frayed or damaged. Keep floors clear of cords and position fans so that they do not pose a tripping hazard in the hallways or rooms of your home.

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