Reasons Your Home Is Hot and How to Fix It

Garner NC HVAC repairIf it seems like no matter what you do or how low you set your thermostat, your home is still hot - you’re not crazy. Many homeowners feel this way. The good news is that there are things that you can do to help your air conditioner do its job and keep your utility bill in check. The professionals at Garner NC HVAC repair company, Choice Heating and Air, have put together this comprehensive list of hidden sources of heat in your home.

Why Your Home Is So Hot

Hot water pipes and water heaters are large sources of heat that can radiate throughout your home if they are not properly insulated. Insulating these pipes will not only help your air conditioner work more efficiently but it will also help conserve the energy it takes for your hot water heater to heat the water and help you conserve water. Even better news for those who like steamy, hot showers - insulating your pipes properly can actually raise the water temperature. Insulating your water heater can reduce heat leaks by 25 to 45 percent. An easy way to tell if your hot water heater needs more insulation is to simply touch the outside of the unit. If it is warm to the touch, more insulation is needed. The best part? You don’t need a contractor to fix these problems. The U.S. Department of Energy has tutorials available online on how to insulate your water heater and pipes.

The sunlight through your windows accounts for at least 30 percent of unwanted heat in your home. Keeping the light out is key to stopping this greenhouse effect in your home. Consider adding heat reflecting window cling to your windows to reflect the heat away from your home without losing lots of light. Closing existing blinds, shades or curtains during the day can help as well. Upgrading your windows to double pane windows can also help keep the heat out.

It's no secret that your appliances give off heat and it probably will not surprise you that the appliance that gives off the most heat is your oven. When you want to keep your home cool but still need to eat, opt for cold salads or use the grill outside. If cooking outside isn’t an option, utilize your crockpot. This emits far less heat and still allows you to enjoy a hot meal at dinnertime. Other appliances, like your dryer, emit a large amount of heat when you run them. Limit the number of loads of wash you do during the day. Save this chore for the evening when it's cooler outside. Dry large items like comforters or dense items like blue jeans on a clothesline if you are able.

Checking the insulation situation in your attic can be a hot job - the average attic in the summer reaches a sweltering 150 degrees! Adding insulation to the attic or roof can keep the house up to 20 percent cooler throughout the day (and cut down on your heating bills this winter). Ensure that your attic insulation is rated to at least R-30 - the higher the R value the more heat it can resist.

The Best Garner NC HVAC Repair and Service Is From Choice HVAC

The comfort pros at Choice Heating and Air of Garner remind you that if your air conditioning unit is over 10 years old the problem may actually be with your HVAC system. Once a unit reaches 10 years of age the efficiency rating of that unit has decreased to around 50 to 60 percent. Call Choice Heating and Air today and schedule Garner NC HVAC repair or service. Our product line includes air conditioning units that boast over 90 percent efficiency ratings and some with extended manufacturer's warranties. Make sure that your HVAC unit is functioning at its peak capacity with our signature Garner HVAC tune up.

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