How to Be Prepared for Home Repair and HVAC Costs

air conditioning repair in Wake ForestEvery homeowner dreads the idea of expensive repairs around their house. Unfortunately, the reality of home ownership is that repairs will be necessary. Preparing your budget for these unexpected expenses can help you reduce their impact on your finances. While it is nearly impossible to know precisely how much you will need to set aside for repairs, you can begin to save for unexpected costs by looking at the average repair and replacement expenses for everyday household items. If you need affordable air conditioning repair in Wake Forest, call Choice HVAC today for a free estimate!

The Age and Care of Your Home
One of the most critical factors in the cost of repairs in your home is the age of the appliances, HVAC system, and other systems in the house. The older your home or these major components are, the more you can expect to pay to keep them running. On average, the life expectancy of your home's air conditioner is about 12 years. Your furnace will last a little longer with the average replacement age being around 15 years. Routine cleaning and maintenance of these systems will help extend their life and protect your budget. At Choice Heating and Air Conditioning, we proudly offer our annual maintenance agreements to both home and business owners to keep their HVAC systems running efficiently and without worry. For a small yearly fee, you receive two cleaning and inspections, discounted parts and labor, and preferred service call status.

Square Foot Rule
One rule of thumb that people use to calculate their home maintenance costs is the square foot rule. For every square foot in your home, you should budget $1 per year for maintenance. If your home is 2,500 square feet, you should plan to spend $2,500 for maintenance and repairs over a long-term annualized average. While this rule does make sense since it is directly related to the size of your home the equation does not take into account the costs for labor and materials.

The One Percent Rule
When it comes to preparing for the maintenance expenses of your home, one of the most popular rules of thumb correlates the price of your home with the cost of annualized maintenance. For example, if your house cost $280,000 you should budget $2,800 per year for maintenance. One of the significant drawbacks to this rule is that it does not take into consideration the market timing for the purchase of your home. The underlying price of your home and the cost to make repairs to your house are the independent variables in this equation.

Affordable Air Conditioning Repair in Wake Forest

Concerned about your home's HVAC system? Worried your furnace won't make it through another Wake Forest winter? Call the professional team at Choice Heating and Air Conditioning today and schedule your fall cleaning and inspection appointment. Let our team help you avoid an emergency service call with affordable heat and air conditioning repair in Wake Forest.

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