Noises Your Furnace Shouldn’t Be Making

HVAC Contractors in Wake Forest NCWhen your furnace turns on to heat your home, you shouldn't hear unfamiliar noises. Every day the team at Choice Heating and Air Conditioning answers calls where customers describe the squeal, squeak, grind, or thunk that their furnace is making. These noises are an indication that something isn't quite right with one of your furnace components. Determining what's causing the noise and remedying the problem isn't difficult, but only a certified HVAC technician should perform these repairs since they do require taking apart your furnace. Searching for HVAC contractors in Wake Forest NC? Call Choice HVAC today.

The Blower
The blower inside your furnace is often where most of the unusual sounds you will hear originate from. While this component can last up to 30 years, from time to time, they go bad and need to be replaced. Whines and squeals from your furnace may indicate that the bearings in your blower's motor have gone bad. Frequent overheating of your furnace or an unbalanced furnace blower motor wheel can contribute to these parts wearing out sooner than they should. Another sound that can originate from your blower is one that sounds like metal scraping against metal. This sound can mean that your blower wheel has broken. To prevent further damage to your furnace, turn the unit off immediately and call for service. The repair of a broken blower wheel is a relatively easy repair and should take an experienced technician about an hour or so to fix. If your furnace is thudding like your washing machine when it's out of balance, the culprit could also be your furnace blower wheel. If the wheel has been knocked off balance by debris in your furnace, this noise will occur. You will want to turn off your furnace and call for service right away.

Air Leak
A high pitched whistling sound that occurs while your furnace is running can be caused by a leak in your air duct system. These noises are frequently caused by deteriorating ductwork in your home. Air leaks can allow precious warm or cool air to escape into the walls of your home and increase your energy bills. Have a professional HVAC technician inspect your ductwork to find the source of your leak.

Cracked Heat Exchanger
Does your furnace click when it runs? The source of this noise could mean that your heat exchanger has a crack in it. Having a crack in your heat exchanger is dangerous and is one of the leading causes of carbon monoxide leaks in homes. Turn off your furnace and call for service right away.

Dirty Furnace Burners
Scared and concerned homeowners call to report a boom or loud bang when their furnace turns on. The source of this noise is a dirty burner in your furnace. Having a burner that is covered with dust or dirt can cause a delay in the ignition of the burner and allows gas to build up around the burner. Once the burner finally lights, the built up fuel causes a small explosion inside your furnace. A thorough cleaning from an HVAC technician will help remedy this issue.

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Got a noisy furnace in your home? Don't wait until next fall to do something about it. Call the professional team at Choice Heating and Air Conditioning today and have your furnace fixed. We offer an upfront pricing guarantee, so you'll always know exactly what you will pay for repairs before work begins. Schedule your appointment now!

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