Never Ignore These Smells from Your Furnace

Furnace Installed in Garner NCThis time of year, one of the most common calls we get is from homeowners asking about the smells coming from their heating unit. At Choice Heating and Air, we've heard it all! From burning to rotten eggs - we'll tell you when it's normal and when it's time to worry. If you're worried about your heating system and its efficiency this winter, let the Choice Heating and Air pros come take a look at your system. We can clean, inspect, repair your unit and recommend a new Energy Star rated model to replace your existing unit. Our extensive product line up includes HVAC units that score in the mid to upper 90's on the efficiency scale. Ask your representative for more details on incentive offers and financing opportunities.

The most common call is regarding the dusty smell that occurs when the heating unit is activated for the first time during the season. While your unit was off during the summer, dust accumulated on the unit and in the duct work. This usually burns away when the heat is turned on initially and should go away within a few uses of the unit. If this smell continues, you could have a larger problem on your hands. Give us a call and schedule your service call today!

Did you know that natural gas is actually odorless? Because of this, natural gas companies add an odor to the gas to make it detectable. Most use something that is sulphur based and smells like - you guessed it - rotten eggs. If your home is heated by gas and you are met with this smell it is definitely cause for alarm. Open the windows of your home, and leave your residence immediately. The first call should be to your utility provider. Natural gas can easily lead to an explosion, so it is important to stay away from your home until it has been deemed safe for you to return by professionals. Once you've been allowed back in your home, give us a call and have your furnace inspected and cleaned.

Another smell that can mean big trouble is a hot or electrical odor. This is typically caused by parts that have overheated or malfunctioned. Faulty blower motors are usually the culprit. The inner workings of the blower seize up and stop working. This overheats the motor and causes the insulation to melt on the wires. This causes the electrical or hot smell. Overheating between connections and relays can also cause this same electrical odor. Either way - this is a smell you don't want to ignore. Turn your unit off right away and call Choice Heating and Air.

Other odors like an oil smell from an oil burning heater are usually caused by a small leak in the unit. These are easy to fix, however finding them can prove time consuming. It's best to let an HVAC professional help find the loose connection and ensure that a larger, more complex problem doesn't exist. A burning odor that doesn't resolve can actually be an indicator of something quite serious. If this burning odor is accompanied by smoke it is important that you shut down your unit immediately and call for emergency service. Items or debris may have found their way onto your heat exchanger - this can cause a fire if not remedied quickly.

When in doubt, call Choice Heat and Air out. Our friendly, professional staff is always ready to put their knowledge to work for you. From tune ups to replacements, residential to commercial - make the clear Choice - call us today!

The Benefits of a New Furnace Installed in Garner NC

Are you thinking of having a new furnace installed in Garner NC? Call Choice Heating and Air Conditioning. We have years of experience so we can help you make the right choice for your home. Our upfront pricing means that you'll know how much you'll pay. We never have hidden costs. We’re the most trusted provider of service and repair in the Triangle because of our dedication to customer service. Call our Garner office today!

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