Tips for Using Your Nest Thermostat

Wake Forest AC ServiceIf you've installed a Nest thermostat in your home, you're already on your way to better energy management. Did you know that your Nest has lots of different features that can help you save money and keep your home comfortable? Let's look at some of the features that your Nest has that you may not currently be using. Do you need reliable Wake Forest AC service or HVAC repair? Call Choice today for a free estimate!

It's no secret that North Carolina summers are long and hot. The Airwave feature on your Nest can help you keep your home cool and reduce your energy costs. Once the rooms in your house are cooled, Airwave automatically switches off your air conditioner's compressor and then uses the fan on your unit to circulate the cold air through your home. Turning off the compressor saves you money and circulating the air makes your home feel cooler longer. To use this feature, tap on the settings icon in your Nest app and select Airwave. Toggle the switch icon on.

Don't get out the SPF 50. Sunblock is a feature on your Nest device that allows you to tell Nest when your thermostat is in direct sunlight. You don't want your air conditioner activated more frequently because Nest thinks it's too warm in your room and you don't want your home to become too chilly because Nest believes that your room temperature is warmer than it needs to be. This option helps save you money on your utility bills and will also protect your HVAC system from being overworked. Need to turn on Sunblock? In the Nest app, tap the settings icon and select Sunblock.

Cool to Dry
Humidity plays a large part in the comfort of the air in your home. When you live in an overly humid climate like North Carolina, humidity can make your home sticky and uncomfortable or cold and damp. Your Nest has a setting called Cool to Dry which will help keep the air in your home dryer. Only certain generations of Nest have this feature. Find it on the second and third generation Nest Learning Thermostats and activate the setting through your Nest app.

When you live in a place like Raleigh where the temperature can be unpredictable, the auto-schedule feature on your Nest can be problematic. While Nest is designed to know how you like your home throughout the day, your Nest can be easily confused by dramatic temperature swings. If you find that your Nest is often wrong or that your temperature isn't right most of the time, you can turn the Auto-Schedule feature off in your Nest app via settings.

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