What Certifications Do HVAC Techs Need in NC?

heat repair in Wake Forest NCNot all states require HVAC technicians to be certified or to hold professional licenses, however North Carolina is an exception to this. North Carolina requires multiple certifications for HVAC technicians.

Here’s what you should know about the certifications required by the state of North Carolina. Need AC or heat repair in Wake Forest NC? Call Choice HVAC to schedule an appointment. We offer free quotes.

Certifications for NC HVAC Techs

North Carolina has five different groups and classifications for HVAC licenses. Each license requires its holder to sit for and pass a state administered proficiency exam. The licenses are broken down by whether the holder is allowed to work on residential or commercial HVAC units. The Heating Group 1, Class 1 holders may work in residential, commercial, industrial and institutional buildings. They may service wet or water based comfort heating systems in any of these structures. The Heating Group 1, Class 2 holders may work on wet or water based comfort heating systems in single family detached homes only. The Heating Group 3,  Class 1 may work in residential, commercial, industrial or institutional buildings on forced air systems with a heating or cooling capacity of 15 tons or less.

Heating Group 3, Class 2 licensed HVAC techs are allowed to service single family homes for forced air heating and cooling systems under 15 tons. This is the most commonly obtained license as it allows the HVAC technician to provide full service residential heating and cooling service. The final license that the state of North Carolina issues is the Heating Group 2 classification. This includes all systems installed under Group 3 - regardless of size.

Once the HVAC technician has obtained the license in North Carolina, they may request professional reciprocity with the states of Virginia and South Carolina and be issued a license to work there without sitting for additional examinations.

The HVAC Excellence certification is a prominent industry certification that requires the HVAC technician to pass comprehensive exams in specialty areas. Professional-level credential seeking technicians must first have two years of field experience and pass a comprehensive exam in specialty areas like residential air conditioning and the service of heat pumps. A master level specialist is required to have 3 years of experience and a passing score on a comprehensive specialty exam.

In addition to state and industry licenses and certifications, all HVAC technicians are required to obtain a certification from the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). Certification EPA 806 allows technicians to purchase and handle high pressure refrigerants. There are three different classifications for this certification, each allowing for different handling and purchasing permissions.

The final certification for HVAC technicians is a nationally recognized and respected certification. The North American Technician Excellence (NATE) certification is a specialized certification for HVAC technicians. This certification is not legally required for licensure in the US, however it is widely recognized in the field and is seen as a standard of excellence in specialty areas such as gas furnaces, air duct installation and air movement and distribution.

When choosing an HVAC company to work in your home, ensure that their technicians are licensed and covered under the company's insurance policy and bonds. Any reputable company will be happy to provide you copies of these documents for your review. Also, make sure that you ask any potential contractors for references from previous customers and ensure that you get all of the agreed upon repairs and services in writing.

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