National Furnace Tune-Up Month

Furnace Replacement in Wake Forest NCNow is the perfect time to be thinking about your furnace. The weather is cooling down, and you won't want to be caught on that first cold morning without any heat. Avoid an expensive emergency service call by giving your furnace a tune-up. Maintaining your furnace and keeping it in good working order starts with your air filters. Let's take a closer look. If you need service for furnace replacement in Wake Forest NC, call for a free quote.

Changing the air filters in your home every four to six weeks helps keep dirt, dust, and other particles from creating problems for your furnace. Numerous factors play into how often you need to change your filters. These include the air quality around your home, whether you have pets inside your home and whether you leave the fan on your HVAC system on. For pet owners, your air filters fill up more quickly with hair from your four-legged friends. If you live next to a construction site where there is lots of dirt in the air your filters will also fill with debris quickly. Leaving your HVAC system fan on means that the air in your home is constantly cycling. The constant flow of air through your filters means that they will become dirty faster.

Did you know that Choice Heating and Air Conditioning recommends having your HVAC system serviced twice a year? These preventive maintenance service calls help you stay on top of the condition of your unit. Identifying small problems and repairing them before they turn into emergency service calls or the need for a whole new HVAC system helps protect the investment you've made in your system and keeps your energy costs down each month. A furnace or air conditioning system that is functioning properly will meet its ENERGY STAR rating for energy consumption.

Many manufacturers' warranties require you to have your system serviced by a licensed professional annually in order for your warranty to remain valid. Be sure to keep your service receipts in case you need to file a claim with your HVAC system's manufacturer. For more information on utilizing your HVAC warranty to cover the cost of major repairs, see our previous posts.

Now is also the perfect time to ensure that your home is ready for the cold this winter. Checking weatherstripping around doors and windows and replacing any missing or damaged pieces will help keep the cold out and your warm air in. Leaving window blinds open and using the sun's natural heat to help warm your home during the day helps keep you cozy and can help keep your energy costs down as well.

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