The Makings of a Great HVAC Tech!

Wake Forest NC heat repairHere at Choice Heating and Air of Wake Forest NC, we pride ourselves on having an incredible staff who are not only experts in HVAC repair, service and installation but customer service as well. Whether you have started the education process towards becoming an HVAC technician or are considering it as a possible career choice, we welcome you to call and speak with some of our technicians and ask them what they love about their job - chances are they have a long list of things that make them excited to get up and come to work every day.

We asked our experts to compile a list of the traits that great HVAC technicians possess. Here's what they had to say. If you're searching for a reliable Wake Forest NC heat repair, service, and installation company that you can trust, make the call to Choice HVAC. You'll save time and money!

Traits of a Great HVAC Tech!

All of our technicians agreed that to be a great HVAC technician you have to love solving problems. Day in and day out our technicians help customers fix broken HVAC units. Sometimes the problem is clear but sometimes it is not. A great HVAC tech enjoys investigating the problem and finding a solution for the customer, repairing the unit and moving on to the next customer.

The job of an HVAC technician is physically demanding. Crawling in and out of attics, trucks, crawlspaces, lifting and pulling all day long can be exhausting. You work both inside and outside - in the heat, the cold and the elements. HVAC technicians need to be able to adapt to the elements around them and be able to focus on the task at hand.

When it comes to the more specific skills that an HVAC technician needs to have our technicians agree that a great HVAC tech has strong communication skills. Being able to clearly communicate with the office, coworkers and customers is very important. Great HVAC technicians must also provide exemplary customer service to our customers. From wearing shoe covers into the homes we serve, to honoring the work order to the letter and cleaning up our work areas after we finish the job - taking pride in the satisfaction of the customer is one of the hallmarks of a great technician. Being able to explain in plain English what the problem is, what needs to be done to fix it and to be patient while answering customer questions is key.

Being aware of safety standards and HVAC related codes is critical as well. This knowledge not only ensures that the repairs you make and systems you install are up to code and will pass inspection but it also keeps you and your coworkers safe on the jobsite. A strong knowledge of technical data - such as blueprints and specifications - is important. Understanding how systems work and what each control does and how the processes of steam heating, water cooling, hot water heating and air conditioning work make a technician excel at their profession.

Lastly, the most important trait is the desire to never stop learning. The desire to stay on top of the latest techniques and trends in the industry is what sets great technicians apart. Taking training courses on their own time or reading trade journals or studying new product literature shows dedication to the profession and earns the respect of the other technicians.

If this sounds like you or something that would be a good fit for you we welcome the chance to talk with you about the next steps on your career path towards becoming an HVAC technician. Our highly trained and dedicated staff look forward to helping you understand the fascinating and ever changing world of HVAC professionals.

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