What Are the Major HVAC Brands?

HVAC contractors in Wake ForestWith spring right around the corner, many homeowners are thinking about replacing their old air conditioning units. The trouble is that there are so many brands available on the market to choose from! Knowing which brands get good ratings for things like price, warranty, and customer service can be confusing. Thankfully, we've taken some of the guesswork out of weighing your options with this guide. Here are the top brands for your new HVAC system. Searching for HVAC contractors in Wake Forest? Call Choice Heating and Air today. We'll save you time and money.

American Standard
With a reputation for reliability, energy efficiency, and excellent customer service, American Standard is one brand you can feel confident in. While the units may be a little more expensive, the value you get with the purchase of an American Standard unit more the makes up for the difference.

Of all the brands on the list, Lennox boasts the highest energy efficiency. Their brand has been associated with quality and superior service for decades, and that trend continues. Lennox is the brand to get for energy-conscious homeowners.

Not as well known as Lennox or American Standard, the Heil HVAC company delivers a product that is on par with both these more popular brands. Heil products can achieve up to a 97% efficiency rating, and their technology allows the heating and cooling components of your HVAC system to synchronize performance. This synchronization boosts reliability and energy efficiency.

Built with strict quality standards in mind, the Carrier brand is often thought of as a top of the line air conditioner. This brand offers good energy efficiency, customer service, and the ability to select from multiple options to customize your air conditioning system to fit your exact needs.

Another one of the hidden gems in the HVAC business, Goodman offers customers a great warranty, reliable products, and the best real value overall for an air conditioning unit.

With cutting edge technology, Rheem is known to be one of the best HVAC brands in the industry. They offer a quality warranty program on their units and produce highly efficient air conditioners.

One of the most reliable brands in the business and often considered the "Cadillac of HVAC systems," the Trane company is known for upholding their ten-year warranty and delivering exceptional customer service. The warranty on this unit covers both parts and labor, a selling point for homeowners who are concerned with the maintenance costs down the line.

With a reputation for long-lasting units, readily available replacement parts, and a top-notch warranty, Ruud HVAC units get great reviews from consumers. They offer a full line of heating and cooling products.

Offering one of the best warranties in the business, Amana is a solid mid-range HVAC unit. With a limited lifetime replacement warranty on their compressors and good energy efficiency, the operating life and costs of an Amana unit are typically low.

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