How to Lower Your AC Bill This Summer

Wake Forest HVAC serviceThe mercury is high, and your cooling bills are even higher. However, there are some steps you can take to help you lower your AC bill this summer. Making small changes can add up to significant energy savings and help you stay cool in the process. At Choice Heating and Air Conditioning, we know that your home can be downright uncomfortable without a properly working air conditioner. If you think your unit isn't cooling the way it should, let our experienced HVAC technicians perform an inspection and clean your unit. We can help identify small problems before they become an emergency service call. Reduce your cooling costs with these helpful tips. Searching for reliable Wake Forest HVAC service? Call Choice HVAC today for a free estimate.

Avoid Heat Build Up
When the temperature rises, avoid activities that create heat in your home. Cooking on the stove, running the oven, operating your clothes dryer, and using the dishwasher all generate heat. Instead, choose to grill outside, wash dishes by hand, or hang your clothes out to dry. If you need to do a load of laundry or run the dishwasher, wait until after dark when the temperature has dropped. Need to take a shower or bath during the day? Use the exhaust fan to help remove heat and humidity from your home. Other big sources of heat in your home are televisions and computers. When possible, leave these devices off and save your AC some work.

Use Fans
Fans don't cool rooms. They help make them more comfortable. Did you know that because of the windchill effect a fan can make your room feel six to seven degrees cooler? A fan can help disperse the cold air generated by your air conditioner and allows you to raise the thermostat in your home by as much as four degrees before you notice the difference. Try this and you will see a big difference in your energy bill.

Maintain Your AC
If you don't care for your equipment, it won't reduce your energy costs. Air filters that are dirty or clogged make your AC work harder to cool your home. You can save between five and fifteen percent on your energy costs by replacing the air filters in your home every four to six weeks. Trim bushes away from your system's condenser and keep the evaporator coils free of fallen leaves, dirt, and other debris. Adding a programmable thermostat and choosing an energy efficient unit can reduce your energy costs but neither of these matters if your system is not being regularly cleaned and inspected.

Be Economical in the Way You Cool
Using a programmable thermostat can help you keep your cooling costs down. Many units allow you to set the temperature of your home on a schedule. Choosing to set your thermostat a few degrees higher when you are away and at night when it is cooler outside can help you save money on your energy costs. Also, avoid the temptation to turn the AC to colder than usual when you come home. It won't make your house cool any faster, and you'll be wasting money while your unit runs longer and harder trying to meet your demand. Instead, turn on the ceiling fan and wait for the house to cool.

Keep the Sun Out
Reduce heat gain in your home by closing window coverings during the day. The lighter the color of your window coverings, the more they will reflect the sun's rays. Block outdoor heat even further by hanging your shades as close to the windowpane as possible. Adding reflective shades or insulated coverings can help keep the heat and the cold out, saving you money year round on your energy bills.

Join us next time for more tips on keeping your cooling costs low this summer.

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