Is your Cary HVAC Preventing You From Having a Good Night’s Sleep?

What do you need to get a good night's sleep? A solid 6-8 hours? A pillowtop mattress? One of those giant pregnancy pillows? Neighbors that go to bed at a reasonable hour rather than play corn hole all night long? Or for your baby to finally decide that it was the night to sleep through the night? Whatever the case, we know that sleep is important and that if even one element is out of place, it can ruin your night.

In fact, one of the most important factors to consider as it relates to sleep is your Cary HVAC system. With that in mind, today we'll discuss how your current system may be preventing you from having a good night's sleep and what you need to do to address the problem immediately.

Is it possible to sleep better by adjusting the thermostat?

Yes! In fact, you may find yourself turning the air down to a lowe temperature at night in an attempt to sleep better. And it makes sense - it's hard to sleep through the night if you're so hot that you're sweating through your pajamas. While our body's internal temperature naturally decreases as you sleep, how warm or cold you keep your home can make all the difference in how quickly you fall asleep and stay asleep.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, the ideal temperature for a good night's sleep is between 60 and 67 degrees (Fahrenheit), but there are a number of other factors that play a role in the amount of rest an individual needs, including your age and overall activity level.

Does humidity affect our ability to rest?

During the summer months, your Cary HVAC (specifically the air conditioning function) helps control the moisture in your home. However, as it starts to cool down, heat tends to dry out our homes and wreak havoc on our airways which can prevent you from getting a good night's sleep.

It's difficult for anyone to rest when they are struggling to breathe, but our ability to get into a deep sleep decreases when the air in our homes turns dry. For example, have you ever found yourself struggling to sleep when you're congested from a cold?

If the humidity level in your home is the source of your sleeping problems, you can make the air supply more comfortable by investing in a whole-house humidifier. A whole-house humidifier uses a tank or tray to hold the water, the system then sends water vapor through your home’s duct system and works in collaboration with your furnace. It controls the humidity level inf your home by only allowing moisture to circulate when the air is dry (such as the winter months).

Can adjusting your thermostat at night save any money?

Absolutely. The U.S. Department of Energy says "you can save as much as 10 percent per year on heating and cooling by simply turning your thermostat back seven to 10° for eight hours a day from its normal setting." Therefore, not only can turning back your Cary HVAC system help you get a better night's rest, but it can help you save money too.

You can apply the same strategy if you're not at home during the day (although many of us are home this summer, so pack this information away for next summer). While you're at work or away from home, keep your house a few degrees warmer. When you plan to be home, turn it down to your preferred temperature. Just use a programmable thermostat!

With all of that said, can you remember the last time you got a really good night's sleep? If you're having trouble remembering, it may be time for your Cary HVAC system to get a tune-up. Call Choice HVAC in Cary today to request more information and get closer to a restful night's sleep!

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