How to Properly Install a Window AC Unit

HVAC service in Wake Forest NCIf your home doesn't have central air conditioning you are probably preparing to install window air conditioners to make the summer heat more manageable. Each year, homeowners incorrectly install these helpful cooling units causing damage to their homes and their air conditioners. This damage can be avoided by taking the time to install your window AC unit properly. Do you need HVAC service in Wake Forest NC? Call Choice now for no worry estimates.

Before you begin to install your window unit, make sure that you have all the tools and equipment you will need for the installation. There are few things more frustrating than lifting a heavy air conditioning unit, getting it placed perfectly and then realizing you've forgotten something.

Use a Brace or Bracket

Before you place your unit, purchase and install a proper window air conditioner support brace or bracket. Take measurements of your windowsill to ensure that you have the right size and type for your windowsill. Skip the notion that not supporting the unit on the outside will be okay or that you'll be able to create something with items you have at home. Failing to support your window air conditioner properly can result in damage to your window, the windowsill, and to your air conditioner.

Protect the Frame of the Window

At the places where your air conditioner makes contact with the frame of your window, install foam or weather stripping to protect your windowsill from damage. As an added benefit, this barrier helps keep warm air, moisture, and bugs out of your home.

Enlist Help

Window air conditioning units are heavier than you might expect. Asking for help from a friend is easier than living with a hurt back, broken window, damaged windowsill, or watching your unit hit the ground. These units are heavy and can be awkward to try to install.

Tip the Unit Towards the Outside

You don't want to tip your unit so much that you lose it over the ledge, but you do want enough of an angle that the condensate from the unit drains outside your home, not inside.

No Hassle HVAC Service in Wake Forest NC

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