What Is a HVAC Technician?

HVAC repair in Garner NCAt Choice Heating and Air we get lots of questions every day. Some of the most common questions relate not to our extensive product offerings but to the people who service and install these complicated systems.

Becoming an HVAC technician requires training through apprenticeships or vocational schools and an extensive certification process, but what is a HVAC Technician? If you need affordable AC or HVAC repair in Garner NC, call the pros at Choice HVAC. We're the number one choice for Garner residents.

What Is An HVAC Tech?

An HVAC technician specializes in the maintenance, repair and installation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. These complex systems are found in both residential and commercial settings and require vastly different knowledge bases to become certified in each area.

HVAC technicians must have an extensive understanding of tools, how to read blueprints and design specifications, and electrical training. Connecting systems to water supply lines, additional fans and components and air duct systems requires a keen attention to detail - a must for any great HVAC technician. Using these skills, HVAC techs diagnose the problems in existing systems, install and upgrade new systems, make repairs and perform preventive maintenance.

The work environment places technicians both outdoors in the cold and the heat and in often tight or cramped spaces. Often the work environment is uncomfortable because the HVAC system is broken.

While on the job techs are required to interact with customers - many who are often upset or frustrated because of the HVAC system problem. The hallmark of a great HVAC technician is one who can defuse an upset customer by explaining the malfunction or repair needed in an easy to understand way and who can reassure the customer that they will do their absolute best to get it fixed quickly and correctly. Customer service skills are key in this industry. Keeping your word, keeping the customer informed and following up with the customer will make a great tech stand out among his or her peers.

Communication doesn't stop with the customer. Being able to work well with the dispatchers for your company, the office staff and fellow HVAC techs is key. Knowing when to ask for help, when to ask for clarification and treating everyone with respect helps further the positive opinion of a tech in the HVAC industry.

Obtaining training to be an HVAC technician is the critical first step towards becoming a licensed and certified technician. Trade and technical schools offer full fledged certification programs that will prepare you to sit for your state's certification exam. Other smaller vocational programs or apprenticeships will provide the technical training needed but may require additional study and learning in order to pass the state licenses or certification exam. With the push to ‘go green’ more and more specialized training courses and certifications are being developed. Many of these certifications and specializations require additional testing but can make a tech more marketable to potential employers. Certifications in Commercial HVAC, Green Technology HVAC and Heat Pumps can make your resume stand out.

The field of employment for HVAC technicians is constantly growing. HVAC jobs are estimated to grow by 34 percent in the next 4 years - a greater average rate of growth than for all other occupations. As HVAC systems age and new federal regulations are passed, older systems will need to be made energy efficient or replaced. All of this is good news for people who are interested in becoming an HVAC professional.

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