Want to Be an HVAC Tech? Here’s How!

HVAC service in Garner NCIf you are interested in becoming an HVAC technician, this article from the pros at Choice Heating and Air is for you. Whether you are considering a career change or looking to learn a trade, the ever growing world of HVAC service and repair may be for you. If you love being outside, working with your hands and can communicate with customers and coworkers effectively then you just might be right for the job.

Here’s how to get the training you need, what skills you must possess and what the job outlook looks like for HVAC technicians. If you need affordable AC or HVAC service in Garner NC, call the pros at Choice HVAC. We're the number one choice for Garner residents.

How To Become A HVAC Technician!

HVAC technicians install and repair heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems and the equipment that goes along with those systems. Electrical work, plumbing and welding can be part of your daily duties - depending upon your job and the certifications which you carry.

The ability to read and understand blueprints, current meters and set up and calibrate compressors, thermostats, pumps and switches is just the beginning of the knowledge base a great HVAC technician needs. How does one get to be an HVAC tech who knows all of these things?

Study chemistry, mechanical drawing, technical math, and electronics in high school. Taking advantage of these classes before you attend a technical or vocational school will apply directly to the hands-on learning you will be doing in your HVAC course work and apprenticeship.

Traditional schooling is not the only option for learning the HVAC trade. It is possible to learn the skills you need through on the job training by assisting an experienced HVAC technician. Some companies will make training courses or video learning materials available to you to study in your off time. Starting by cleaning lines, carrying materials and installing insulation will get your foot in the door. Over time, you will learn more complex tasks.

If you choose to go to school you will have a few choices to make. A vocational program or certificate program can take as little as six months to complete. Trade schools typically have longer programs - most last two years and result in earning an associate's degree. Combining classroom instructions with hands on training - like internships - can help prepare you for taking state certification exams.

Directly participating in an apprenticeship can also provide you the skills you need to become an HVAC technician. Apprenticeship programs can be found through local chapters of the HVAC industry contractors associations. These industry sponsored learning programs can last from 3 to 5 years and cover everything from tool care to system design to blueprint reading. These programs may also include additional training resources and classroom work.

Obtaining a license is the final piece to being an HVAC tech. Depending on the state and local laws, you may need a license to work as an HVAC tech. Licensing requirements vary by state but most require you to take an exam or have documented training and 2 to 5 years of experience. If your job requires you to handle refrigerants, you must pass a certification exam for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) depending upon the type of equipment you service. Other industry recognized licenses and certifications are available as well through various professional organizations.

If you are interested in becoming an HVAC technician, we welcome the chance to talk with your about what we do here at Choice Heating and Air Conditioning. Our highly trained staff have certifications in both Commercial and Residential HVAC as well as specialize in various HVAC specialties like heat pumps and green technology.

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