Our Services: Repair, Tune-Up & Installation

Choice Heating and Air Conditioning are the experts for quality HVAC service in Wake Forest NC and the surrounding area. We know your HVAC is pretty reliable, but routine maintenance is the key to keeping it that way. Choice HVAC can repair your old system, install a new system, or simply give your reliable unit a seasonal tune-up to keep it running in tip-top shape. When you need quality HVAC service in Wake Forest NC, make the right choice by scheduling your next HVAC service with Choice Heating and Air. One of our highly skilled HVAC technicians will come and inspect your system for any problems, leaks, or damage. We'll give you a diagnostic of the best action to take and get you and your family back to living comfortably again. Here's what you can expect.


If you find yourself in an emergency, call Choice Heating and Air Conditioning for our 24 Hour Emergency Service. Here are examples of our most common HVAC repairs:

Blower Motors or Indoor Fans: This is an electric motor with a fan that is designed to supply air at a set speed. The blower consists of the fan assembly, motor, and blower wheel.

Capacitors: The capacitors are used to start, and regulate, the different motors of your system.

Compressors: These vapor pumps circulate the refrigerant in the system under pressure to contain the heat and produce cool air.


Every so often you probably get your vehicle tuned up to keep it running in optimal condition. Well, just like your car or truck, your HVAC system also needs regular maintenance. This will keep your system running safely and efficiently. When you call Choice for an industry leading HVAC tune-up and safety check you get guaranteed expert service. We'll inspect your system to ensure it's running at peak performance. If we find any warning signs for future issues, we'll break those down for you and explain how they can impact your overall HVAC system.

New Installation

Heating and air conditioning equipment that is over 10 years old, or systems that just aren't working properly, might need to be replaced. New, high-efficiency units can keep your home more comfortable and save you money. With your old HVAC system, you might be throwing hundreds of dollars out of your windows since almost 40% of your power bill comes from heating and cooling your home. If the time has finally come to replace your old, worn-out heating and cooling system, make sure to call Choice Heating and Air Conditioning for the best customer service, and pricing on installing a new energy-efficient HVAC system. We guarantee a new unit will:

  • Reduce your energy consumption and carbon footprint
  • Make your home a more comfortable living space
  • Save you hundreds of dollars for many years

Choice HVAC Service in Wake Forest NC

Do you need HVAC service in Wake Forest NC? Do you want an affordable, trustworthy contractor? Look no further than Choice Heating and Air Conditioning. Our customer service is unmatched and we offer upfront pricing. This means you'll always know how much you're paying for our heating and air conditioning services. We offer a 3-hour service window 6 days a week, and 24-hour emergency repair service if you need it. There’s a reason we're the most trusted provider of Wake Forest HVAC repair and service … and that’s our dedication to service, our customers, and attention to detail. Make the best choice and call us today.

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