Common HVAC Problems

In most cases, HVAC units are reliable and will last for years. However, problems sometimes arise. If you're pretty handy, and the DIY type, then there are a few of these problems that you can fix yourself. The majority of these common problems though will require a professional technician to get the job done correctly and prevent future issues. If your system is experiencing problems and you need HVAC repair in Wake Forest NC, or the surrounding areas, make the right choice. Calling Choice Heating and Air Conditioning means you'll get one of the most highly skilled HVAC technicians in the Triangle to service your system. We'll come out, check your unit for any problems and then fix it so you can live comfortably again. Here are a few of the most common HVAC problems that we fix on a regular basis.

Blown Fuses: If your HVAC has suddenly stopped working, and we suspect the motor might be bad, the first thing we'll check is the circuit breaker for a blown fuse. The fuses protect the unit's motor and compressor from overheating and can typically be found in the evaporator coil area.

Dirty Air Filters: The air filters will, at some point, become dirty and get clogged. This can severely restrict airflow to the unit causing it to freeze. If you're unsure of whether or not the filters need to be changed, just hold them up to the light. If light passes through, then they are good. If you cannot see light on the other side, it's time to replace them.

Burnt Capacitors: These capacitors help your HVAC unit run at a consistent speed by giving the compressor brief bursts of energy. When these burn out, you'll need to replace them to keep your system functioning correctly.

Corroded Gas Valves: The gas valve is where you cut the gas on and off. It also delivers the gas to the home and units. If your gas valve gets corroded it could cause problems. Make sure you get it replaced.

Worn Contactors: In your unit, you will find three contactors; one for the fan motor, blower motor and compressor. If any of these three fail the then these critical parts will not get the required electrical current to operate properly.

Thermostats: This is the device that you use to set the system's temperature. It controls what it does and when. Don't laugh, but before you call for HVAC repair in Wake Forest NC, check the thermostat to make sure it is on and set to the correct setting. This one simple check might save you some money and embarrassment as all too often it has accidentally been turned off.

Quality HVAC Repair In Wake Forest NC

Choice Heating and Air Conditioning is the leading provider of HVAC Repair in Wake Forest NC. Our upfront pricing means you'll always know how much you are paying for all of our heating and air conditioning services. Use our call-ahead services to get on our schedule early. We offer a 3-hour service window 6 days a week for your convenience, and will be more than happy to work around your schedule. If you need 24-hour emergency repair service, we've got you covered so your family doesn't suffer. There’s a reason we're the most trusted provider of HVAC repair in Wake Forest NC - our dedication to service and attention to detail. Don't make the wrong choice, call us instead.

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