Is Your HVAC Ready for Winter?

heat pump repair in Wake Forest NCNow that the weather has gotten colder, your thoughts have most likely turned to keeping your home toasty warm. The holidays are right around the corner and the last thing you need is for your HVAC system to fail when you have a house full of guests. Choice Heating and Air offers a wide range of choices when it comes to heat pump repair in Wake Forest NC. Our experienced technicians perform annual maintenance plan services and offer free estimates for your repair and replacement needs. We service all major brands and systems, including heat pumps and air conditioners. Have you had your annual HVAC service done? If not, give us a call!

How To Know If Your HVAC Is Ready For Winter

Every homeowner knows that HVAC systems are expensive to replace. The average unit costs almost $10,000.00 to replace. Ensuring that you keep your unit in good working order can help extend the life and efficiency of your unit. Having your unit inspected in the spring and the fall can help identify problems early and keep costly repairs and emergency service calls at bay.

The simplest way to help keep your system running efficiently and keep your energy costs low is to replace your air filters regularly. When your system has to try and pull air in through dirty filters it has to work harder - driving up your energy costs. Dirty air filters can cause dust and debris to collect in your duct work, further restricting the air flow through your system. Causing your unit to work harder diminishes the lifespan of your unit. Most furnaces begin to lose their efficiency by 40 percent when they reach about 10 years of age. If you haven't had your unit inspected recently or don't know how old your unit is, call Choice Heating and Air today and let one of our experienced team members evaluate your system!

When you turn on your furnace for the first time this season, let your ears tell you if something is wrong. It is normal to smell a little hot smell when you turn on your furnace initially, however clangs, bangs, thuds and rattles are not normal sounds. If you hear something out of the ordinary - turn your unit off and call for service. Continuing to run your unit could cause further and more expensive damage.

If the rooms of your home are experiencing cold spots or your home is heating unevenly, check your air intakes and registers. Make sure that you are limiting the airflow in the top levels of your home (hot air rises, after all) and opening them up on the lower levels. Make sure that your ceiling fans are rotating the proper direction - pushing the air down rather than pulling it up. Check to make sure that furniture and window coverings are not blocking the air vents in any way. Once you have done these things, if you are still experiencing cold spots or uneven heating, call Choice Heating and Air to schedule a free in-home inspection.

Your heating and cooling costs make up about 60 percent of your annual utilities budget. Finding ways to reduce those costs and save on your energy spending should be a priority. Have your existing system inspected and serviced by our HVAC technicians. We can help you determine whether making the repairs your old unit needs is worthwhile or whether installing a new Energy Star rated system will provide the peace of mind and energy savings you are looking for.

Make sure that your furnace is the last thing on your mind this holiday season and call Choice Heating and Air to schedule your HVAC service, cleaning and inspection today!

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Call Choice HVAC of Wake Forest if you want a technician to check out your furnace before winter. We’re the leading provider for heat pump repair in Wake Forest NC, and all of Northern Wake County. You'll be met with a friendly face when you open the front door because we love what we do. We have years of experience serving clients throughout the Triangle so you can be certain that you're getting the best service in the area. Call us today!

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