Caring for Your HVAC When You Have Pets

HVAC service in Wake Forest NCDid you know that your favorite furry four-legged friend could impact your HVAC system's performance? Pet owners may not know that their pet's fur and dander can spell big trouble for their heating and cooling system. Thankfully, there are some simple ways to help lessen the impact Fido has on your air conditioning system. Here's how to improve your HVAC system's performance and the air quality in your home. Do you need HVAC service in Wake Forest NC? Call Choice HVAC now. Ask about our free estimates.

Get to the Groomer
Keeping your pet groomed and bathed can reduce the number of allergens that are present in your home. Regular baths can reduce the presence of pet dander and grooming pets with long fur minimizes the amount of animal hair that gets into your HVAC system.

Clean Your Ducts
Just because you can't see them, doesn't mean you shouldn't clean them. Pet hair and dander can collect inside the ductwork and in the internal components of your air conditioning and heating system.

House Clean Regularly
Vacuuming, mopping, dusting, and sweeping your hard surfaces regularly can help reduce the pet debris that gets trapped in your HVAC system. Regular cleaning also helps improve the air quality in your home for those in the family who struggle with allergies.

Protect Your Outdoor Unit
Pet owners often forget that their pets can do damage to the outdoor portion of their HVAC system. Protect your unit from your pet urinating on, scratching, or chewing key components by fencing in the area. Animal urine can cause coils and lines to corrode prematurely. Ensure that you install the fence far enough away from the unit to allow for proper airflow around the entire exterior component.

Don't let pet hair and dander cause problems for your air conditioning unit this summer. Call Choice Heating and Air Conditioning today and schedule your spring HVAC checkup. Clogged or dirty HVAC systems can increase your energy costs and cause damage to critical components in your system. Avoid emergency service calls or expensive repairs with a preventative maintenance visit from the experienced team at Choice.

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Ask your Choice Heating and Air Conditioning technician about our planned maintenance agreements for your home or business' HVAC system. These agreements offer peace of mind and protection for your budget and your HVAC system. Home and business owners with a maintenance agreement can take advantage of twice yearly cleaning and inspections of their HVAC systems, preferred service call status, and discounted pricing on all parts and repairs.

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