HVAC Horror Stories for Halloween

Wake Forest Heat RepairProblems with your home's HVAC system can keep you up at night and it's often the stuff that nightmares are made of. Keeping your HVAC system worry-free begins with routine care and professional maintenance of your system twice a year. Choice Heating and Air Conditioning recommends that homeowners have their systems cleaned and inspected twice a year to ensure that everything is functioning normally. During these checks, a highly trained HVAC technician will inspect your unit and identify small problems with your furnace or air conditioners that could cause further damage to the unit or result in higher than average energy bills. For affordable Wake Forest heat repair nothing beats Choice HVAC. Call today to learn more.

For homeowners who are concerned about their budget but want to keep their HVAC system running at peak efficiency, Choice Heating and Air Conditioning offers planned maintenance agreements that can give you peace of mind while protecting one of the most expensive systems in your home. These agreements provide homeowners with two cleanings and inspections on their HVAC system during the year, preferred pricing on parts and services, and priority rating for service calls. Learn more by calling Choice Heating and Air Conditioning or ask your technician while they are in your home performing your fall furnace checkup!

Don't be like the homeowners in these horror stories. Call for routine service on your HVAC system from a trusted service provider.

Cracked Combustion Chamber
Due to neglecting to schedule her annual furnace tuneups, a woman's furnace developed numerous cracks in the combustion chamber of her furnace. With years of debris and dust caked on to her furnace and no carbon monoxide detector nearby, there was no way to know that deadly gases were leaking into her home. Completely unaware, the homeowner grew sicker and sicker and eventually succumbed to the poisonous gases that had built up in her home. Learn the dangers surrounding your gas furnace and have it inspected annually to keep yourself and your family from harm.

Clogged Burner Boom
A senior man heard a loud BOOM that shook his home and rattled the plates in the cabinets. Fearing the worst, the old man made his way to the basement of his house. After another BOOM he saw his furnace erupt in a ball of gas and fire. He couldn't believe his eyes! He slowly made his way to the main disconnect and turned the gas to his furnace off. After calling his trusted HVAC company, the man learned that a clogged burner on his gas furnace had caused the explosion.

Best Wake Forest Heat Repair

Regularly cleaning and inspecting your furnace is key. Avoid having an HVAC horror story of your own by scheduling your Wake Forest heat repair with Choice Heating and Air Conditioning today! Not sure your furnace will make it through another cold North Carolina winter? Get your old furnace replaced before it turns into an expensive service call. Ask your Choice Heating and Air Conditioning technician about installing a new Energy-Star rated system today!

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