HVAC Holiday Gifts for Homeowners

HVAC Service in Wake Forest NCWhether you have a brand new homeowner on your holiday gift list or know a homeowner who could use a technology upgrade this holiday season, these gifts ideas can help you give them something that they will actually use. Giving the gift of peace of mind, home comfort, or convenience can help make your recipient feel like you put extra thought and effort into their gift this year. When you need reliable HVAC service in Wake Forest NC this holiday season, Choice HVAC is number one! Call us today for free estimates and upfront pricing.

Nest Programmable Thermostat
The Nest thermostat is perfect for new and established homeowners. Not only is the thermostat easy to install, but it can also save money on utility bills, system wear and tear, and makes controlling the temperature of your home a breeze with a handy smartphone app and online dashboard. The Nest is also compatible with Amazon Alexa devices and Google Home. Planning on giving smart home gifts this season? The Nest makes a great add-on gift that any homeowner will appreciate. Shop Nest on amazon.com.

FilterEasy Subscription
Homeowners know how important it is to change the air filters in their HVAC system regularly. A dirty air filter can reduce the efficiency of your unit and can cause dirt and dust to build up inside your system. Buildup can significantly impair your system's performance and can cause damage to critical components of your HVAC system. In some cases, this damage may cause the entire system to fail. Remembering to change your air filters can be troublesome. Take the guesswork and the hassle out of this simple maintenance chore by gifting your favorite homeowner a subscription to FilterEasy. Your recipient will go online to FilterEasy.com and enter their filter sizes and how often they would like to receive replacement air filters. With a wide variety of filter types available, homeowners can choose allergen trapping filters, natural fiber filters, and more. The filters are then shipped directly to their front door on a regular replacement schedule. Simply get your filter, change the existing filter, and forget about it until the next shipment arrives. Get a gift subscription on FilterEasy.com.

Gifting a homeowner who has allergy issues or is experiencing indoor mold problems a dehumidifier is a great idea. Not only do dehumidifiers help reduce moisture in the air in the home making it more comfortable, but they can also inhibit the presence of dust mites and other allergy triggers. Small, single room dehumidifiers are available and are great for small bathrooms, utility rooms, or storage areas where extra moisture is a problem.

Planned Maintenance Agreements
New homeowners will love receiving a planned maintenance agreement contract with Choice Heating and Air Conditioning as a gift this holiday season. Our planned maintenance agreements offer peace of mind with two annual cleaning and system checkups, preferred service call status, and discounted parts and services. Ask a Choice Heating and Air Conditioning representative for more details.

Affordable Holiday HVAC Service in Wake Forest NC

Avoid an expensive emergency service call this holiday season and schedule your furnace tuneup with Choice Heating and Air Conditioning today. Our upfront pricing guarantee means you'll know exactly what you can expect to pay for services before the work begins. No hidden fees or surprises here. Just excellent quality work at a fair price by highly trained professionals. Call today to schedule your appointment with the best HVAC service in Wake Forest NC!

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