Signs You May Need a New Furnace

HVAC repair in Garner NCYour furnace is an important part of your home that you may not think about until it stops working properly. It could need a simple repair, or it could need to be replaced.

Let’s take a look at a few signs that may indicate it’s time to purchase a new one. If you need dependable and affordable HVAC repair in Garner NC, keep reading to see how Choice HVAC can help.

Signs Your Furnace Needs Replacing

Your furnace is over 15 years old.

The life expectancy for a furnace is around 15-18 years, and varies depending on the unit and how often it was serviced. If you replace one that’s older than 15 with a new ENERGY STAR rated model, it will be 15% more energy efficient than the old one. It’s an expensive purchase now, but it will save you money down the line.

Your energy bill spiked.

A major increase in your utility bill means something strange is going on in your home. If you haven’t changed your heating and cooling habits, and don’t know of any other reason for the increase, then it may be because your unit isn’t working properly anymore. Have a technician check it out to determine if it needs to be repaired or replaced.

Your furnace is noisy.

A noisy furnace is a sign of a problem. If it creaks and squeaks or sounds like a monster is living in your basement, it needs to be checked out immediately. A part may have broken that can be replaced, or a larger issue could be causing the noise.

It’s not heating the home properly anymore.

If you’ve noticed a change in how well your home is being heated, then there’s a problem with your furnace. If you are constantly adjusting the thermostat to get your home where you want it to be, you should have the unit and thermostat checked to make sure they are both working,

You’ve made multiple repairs.

If you’re finding that you’re having the furnace repaired more frequently, you may need a new one altogether. See how much you’ve spent on repairs and compare it to the cost of a new one. It may be time to replace it with a new one that should be covered with a warranty, even though it shouldn’t need repairs for a while.

The burner flame is yellow instead of blue.

If you have a natural gas furnace, it has a burner flame that should burn blue in color. If the flame is flickering yellow, it could be a sign that poisonous gases like carbon monoxide are being created by the furnace. This is a dangerous threat to your family’s health. Having a carbon monoxide detector in your home is important in detecting a leak. If you suspect there is one and don’t have a monitor, or it has not gone off, you should have a technician come out immediately.

If you do have to replace your furnace, remember that it’s an investment that will increase the value of your home and help save you money in the long run. It will also give you peace of mind in knowing that you and your family are safe and comfortable in your home.

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