How to Use Your HVAC System to Beat Your Allergies All Year Long

We don't know about you, but with Covid-19 rates going back up and school starting, we'd do anything to prevent a sneeze or sniffle. Unfortunately, those pesky allergies have other plans. With that in mind, today we'll discuss how you can best use your HVAC system to beat your allergies all year long.

It all starts in the Spring as trees start to bud. Bradford Pears seem to do it at our house, but it really doesn't matter - they all seem to cause our noses to itch. Then the pollen rolls through and our eyes are screaming for relief. As hints of Autumn start to hit store shelves, many of us forget that allergies make a comeback in the fall, but they're still there.

No one wants to stay cooped up indoors all the time, especially as those summer temperatures start to wean off, but ragweed has a tendency to rear its ugly head just as the weather becomes nice. A single plan can produce up to a billion grains of pollen, meaning that it can be a persistent problem for quite awhile. In fact, it's estimated that roughly 10-20 percent of the population suffers from ragweed allergies year-round.

When those allergies take the form of headaches, sneezing, a runny nose and asthma attacks, you can get quite a few looks, especially during a pandemic. Thus, so many of our customers are really looking for ways to beat these allergies at home so that school, work and everything else in between isn't interrupted this year.

Allergens can affect us in a variety of ways. Simply avoiding being outside isn't always the answer, as they can enter our home's ventilation system through our clothes, pets, or just an open door. As such, it's really important to have a strong ventilation in place that is effective at filtering out the irritants before they can enter your respiratory system.

Fortunately, if you are properly maintaining your HVAC system, you're already taking the first step in making sure that your home is well ventilated. Ventilation is probably the most important part of an HVAC system as it's main job is to filter out dust, mold and pollutants from the air while delivering clean conditioned air into your home.

That said, if you are waiting for something in your HVAC system to break before giving your HVAC company a call, then you likely aren't properly maintaining your system and also missing out on your system's capabilities of keeping the air in your home clean. As such, there's a few things we suggest doing before fall arrives.

Schedule a Maintenance Appointment

If you haven't already, now is a great time to schedule a maintenance appointment with one of our certified HVAC technicians so that we can check and repair your HVAC system, including making sure that your air conditioner and furnace are in proper working order.

Regularly Change Your Air Filters

We often feel like a broken record every time we mention that you should be changing out your air filters on a regular basis, but it really is the best way to ensure that you are filtering out pollutants from the air and ensuring that your HVAC system can run as efficiently as it's designed to do.

Use the "ON" Function

Use the "on" function instead of "auto" on your thermostat to keep fresh air circulating throughout your home at all times. You don't necessarily have to leave it "on" all the time, but when allergy season is at it's worst, this will prevent 99% of allergens from taking residence at your house.


If your allergies are really bad, you may even consider upgrading your HVAC system with a variable speed blower to provide air quality and energy efficiency throughout your home year round.

If you have any additional questions about keeping your home as healthy as possible, give call Choice HVAC  a call at 919-435-2711. We'll be happy to discuss all of your options.

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