How to Prepare Your HVAC for Spring Temperatures

Have you taken a look at the weather forecast for this week? It's going to be absolutely beautiful. In fact, it's quite possible that you can even turn off your air conditioner completely and open up the windows. However, we all know that those 70-degree temperatures will be gone too soon as the humidity we've all come to expect in North Carolina creeps in. As such, we have an important question. Is your air conditioner ready? Today we'll discuss 4 ways to prepare your HVAC for Spring (and summer) temperatures.

To prepare your HVAC for the upcoming heat, there are a few things you should plan to do. Planning for a little bit of maintenance work now will save you the headache of dealing with a mess when the summer heat goes into full effect.

Prepare Your HVAC for Spring #1: Check your thermostat

We've discussed how your HVAC has a limited lifespan. Typically we expect HVAC systems to last between 10-15 years depending on how well they are maintained. In a similar fashion, your thermostat was never intended to last forever. Therefore, if you live in a home that is between 8-10 years old (or older), you may want to check on your HVAC system as well as your thermostat right now BEFORE temperatures go up to ensure that it is still registering the proper data.

The best way to check your thermostat and prepare your HVAC for spring temperatures is to turn on your air conditioner by clicking the "cool" setting on your thermostat. Give it a few minutes. You should hear your air conditioner turn on and start cooling your home. Check back in 15-20 minutes to ensure that it reaches the designated temperature.

Prepare Your HVAC for Spring #2: Replace Your Air Filters

We regularly tell our customers that your entire HVAC system will operate better if it has a proper amount of airflow. Do you know the best way to ensure proper airflow? Regularly change or replace your air filters every 3 months (or more depending on how you "live" in your home). Those air filters are designed to catch dirt and debris as it makes its way through your HVAC system and into your air supply. If those air filters are not regularly changed, dirt will make its way back into your HVAC system which can shorten the lifespan, cause stress on the internal parts, and create unnecessary repairs. Air filters are relatively cheap and only take a few minutes to replace, so if you want to prepare your HVAC for spring, replace your air filters!

Prepare Your HVAC for Spring #3: Clear Any Debris from Your Air Conditioning Unit

Many of us let our yards go dormant during the winter months and only tend to our yards if a large branch falls during a storm. However, as it starts to warm up, we find that many of our customers will pay attention to the landscaping around their homes. While you're freshening up the mulch and planting perennials, make sure you take a look at your air conditioning unit. Debris often tends to build up near your air conditioning unit during those dormant months. Use this time now to clear away leaves and other debris that may reduce your HVAC's ability to work and make sure that it's ready for those warmer temperatures.

Prepare Your HVAC for Spring #4: Schedule a Spring HVAC Tune-Up!

Finally, to prepare your HVAC for Spring temperatures, you should schedule an HVAC tune-up. We find that even if your air conditioner appears to be turning on and producing cool air, that it may not be working at its optimal level. Rather than calling in the professionals on the hottest day of the year when your air conditioner dies, plan for a semi-annual tune-up (twice per year - fall and winter). This way, you can rest assured that your HVAC system is ready for the coldest and warmest days of the year.

Give Choice HVAC a call at 919-435-2711 to set up your Spring HVAC Tune-Up. Our team of experts will make sure your HVAC is prepared for the spring!

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