How to Keep Your Home Warm Without Turning On the Heat: Cary, NC HVAC

The weather in Cary, NC has been all over the place this winter. One week it's in the 70s and the next it's down in the 30s. For many of us, we're not sure if we should turn on the heat, the air conditioner or just turn off everything and wait for Spring. But let's talk about your utility bill. We pay top dollar to be comfortable in our homes. In fact, heat and air conditioning are the biggest energy-consumers in an average American home, and one of the largest bills we pay each month. What if you could spend less money without sacrificing your comfort? Today we'll discuss a few ways that you can keep warm during the winter without turning on the heat, and when to call for HVAC service in Cary, NC.

1. Seal Any Air Leaks

The best way to keep warm air in is to prevent it from escaping out. It seems like common sense, right? However, air leaks still are the number one reason why your home isn't retaining heat and it's costing you greatly. Beyond just being uncomfortable on those cold days, it's also forcing you to run more heat in order to maintain a comfortable temperature which is causing your energy bill to go up.

Before you have an expert perform an energy audit or schedule an HVAC appointment in Cary, NC, walk your home and check for any air leaks. Specifically check around doors, windows, and vents that are exposed to the outside. You should noticeably feel cool air if there is a leak. Once you find one, seal it up.  You may also want to replace your weather stripping around doors and windows every two to three years to ensure it’s in good shape and protect your home from heat loss.

2. Re-insulate Your Walls

If you live in a newer home, re-insulating your walls may not even be on your radar. However, after many years of use and wear, you may find that the insulation in your walls has become less effective at keeping the heat in your home. OR, if you've experienced a plumbing leak or any other problems with a system inside your wall, your insulation has been compromised and will need to be replaced. OR worse, your walls have never been insulated. In either scenario, now may be the time to make an investment in your home by placing high-quality insulation (we recommend spray-foam insulation) can save you big bucks on your energy bill by keeping valuable warm air inside your home, where it belongs.

3. Open Up the Blinds

Want a cheap way to add some heat to your home? Open up the blinds in your home! While some people believe that closing the blinds or curtains helps prevent heat from escaping through the glass panes, that's not necessarily the case. Sun is nature's best heat source, and by shutting your blinds or curtains you are keeping that heat and warmth out. If you're working from home during the day, but don't want to turn on the heat, try just opening your blinds and curtains on a sunny winter day to allow nature to naturally heat (and light) your home.

4. Light a Fire! 

Nothing says winter quite like the soft glow of a scented candle. Burning candles can have huge benefits for your home, beyond just smelling nice. In addition to eliminating odors caused by your home (or family - especially if your home has been shut or sealed for months at a time), candles also provide warmth and ambient light. So, choose your favorite smell and light a candle!

On a similar note, your fireplace is a great (and obvious) source of heat and may save you a little money (depending on the cost of gas if you use gas logs).  Therefore, if you have a fireplace, throw on some logs and light it up on those cold winter nights to stay warm without turning your heater on.

If you’re looking for more ways to save money on your energy bills this winter, schedule an HVAC tune-up in Cary, NC with  CHOICE Heating & Air Conditioning today. Our HVAC experts can make your heater more efficient and effective at heating your home.

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