How Thermostats Work – Part 2

Furnace installation in Wake Forest NCWelcome back to our continued look at how thermostats work. In our previous post, we focused on traditional mercury thermostats and their operation in your home. However, these thermostats are losing popularity and are rapidly being replaced by home and business owners with digital thermostats. While the mechanism inside these digital thermostats is much less complicated than their predecessors, there are some significant advantages over the older mercury-filled models. For furnace installation in Wake Forest NC, call Choice HVAC!

How It Works
A simple device inside the thermostat called a thermistor is used to measure the temperature. As the temperature in the room changes this resistor changes too. A microcontroller is used to measure the electrical resistance and then converts that number to a precise temperature reading.

Digital thermometers offer benefits that traditional thermostats were unable to provide. These benefits include:

Scheduled Heating/Cooling

Keeping your home comfortable is easy when you are there to adjust the thermostat, but when you are away from home, or you are leaving for an extended period of time, heating or cooling your home to the perfect temperature doesn't make much sense. Digital thermometers allow home and business owners to set a schedule for their heating and cooling needs and forget about it. By controlling the temperature in your home or business while it is unoccupied, you are able to reduce your energy costs and the wear and tear on your HVAC system.

Remote Temperature Monitoring

A digital thermostat allows you to log in and manage the temperature and schedule of your settings from any smartphone, laptop, or tablet anywhere in the world. With the touch of a button, you can begin cooling your home as you drive there from work, or turn on the heat if the night suddenly gets cool. The added control, convenience, and money saving power of installing a digital thermostat is significant.

Additional Features 

Some digital thermostats offer additional features like comparative energy use monitoring so that you can see how much energy you have used in the current month as compared to previous months. Other thermostats offer air filter change reminders. Many have an eco-mode that allows you to set a maximum temperature for your air conditioning unit and a minimum temperature for your heat. The system will then switch between your furnace and your air conditioner without interference based on the temperature in your home. The eco-setting is ideal for people who are not home often or for those who are extremely concerned about their energy usage.

Affordable Furnace Installation in Wake Forest NC

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