Why Is It so Hot Upstairs?

Garner HVAC serviceDuring the warmer months, it’s no wonder you are looking for all the areas where you can make improvements to save you money and save your system from running nonstop to keep you cool. One of the biggest problems during these months is a large variation in temperatures in the higher floors, but why does this happen?

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The Reasons Your Upstairs Is So Hot

You might start looking into your thermostat or thinking that there is something wrong with your unit but this is a common problem. The answer is science, naturally! Hot air rises and while there is not much you can do to change that, there are a few things you can do to help improve the conditions in your home.

Let’s look at what controls the temperatures in your house first. The thermostat controls the temperature in your home; this is not to be confused with a thermometer that measures the degrees of the heat. When the temperature rises above the desired temperature you have set the thermostat will signal the AC to kick on and work until the temperature in the room returns to the temperature which you selected. Most HVAC systems are controlled in this manner, however having a thermostat that is out of calibration can cause your unit to kick on inappropriately. Ask your technician to check the calibration of your thermostat.

The best way to control uneven cooling is to install a zoning system. This device is a separate thermostat for each room. In most houses where the thermostat is on the main floor, the upper levels will not get as cool in part because of the heat rise and because the thermostat tells the unit to kick off before the upper floors reach the desired temperature.

Secondly, consider the location of the room. The upper rooms are closer to the attic and in most houses the attic is not air-conditioned. The attic gets hot sunbeams all day and that heat gets trapped in the small space. When this happens, the only way out is by seeping down to the floors below through the ceilings. The best fix for this problem is to make sure you insulate your attic with at least R30 rated insulation. It will keep the hot air from escaping to the lower levels and also be more cost effective in keeping your house cool in the warmer months and warm in the colder months.

Another consideration is how far the room is from the location of the unit. Most AC units are on the main level so the cool air has to travel further to get to the upper floors. Air flow restriction can contribute to this issue so it is very important to change your filters once a month and have a professional come out once a year to clean and inspect the unit. Ensure that the blades are clean, the filter is not clogged and there are no mechanical problems with the unit. Air conditioners are very expensive and having regular maintenance on them will help your unit last longer. Choice Heating and Air offers scheduled maintenance contracts to ensure that your unit is serviced routinely.

The last thing to check in your yearly preparations is looking to see if you have any clogged air vents. In some older homes the air vents are located on the floor. These vents push the cold air out into the room and make it possible for the room to cool down. Make sure you do not have any furniture blocking these vents. With just these few changes you could make a significant change in your home's temperature and electric bill.

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