If Your Home Is Too Hot During the Summer, It’s Going to Be Too Cold This Winter!

Wake Forest air conditioning serviceAs summer begins to wind down, many homeowners become excited at the possibility of turning off their HVAC unit and taking a break from the high cost of cooling their home. Unfortunately, if your home was hot all summer, winter may bring bad news and higher heating bills with it. What homeowners fail to realize is that the same factors that keep your house hot in the summer are also at work when it comes to letting the cold air in all winter long. Avoiding those high heating bills this winter is as simple as a phone call to Choice Heating and Air Conditioning to schedule an energy audit for your home. We can also help you with affordable Wake Forest air conditioning service.

What is an energy audit?

Throughout your home, there are small gaps in your doorways and windows that allow hot air to come in during the summer and cold air to seep in during the winter. Your Choice Heating and Air Conditioning specialist can help you determine where the air is getting in and how you can overcome these common energy loss hot spots.

Sealing these cracks and gaps can add up to big energy savings for your home. This will also help your home stay more comfortable throughout the seasons. When your furnace doesn't have to fight against cold drafts to heat your home, it will run less, saving you more. Installing insulation in attics and crawlspaces can also have a significant impact on your energy bills. It's a common misconception that insulation doesn't do anything to help keep your home cool during the summer months. In actuality, having the right insulation has a great impact on the amount of cold air that stays in your home and how hard your air conditioning unit has to work during those scorching summer days.

By installing insulation and sealing the gaps and cracks around your windows and doors, you're doing more than just helping your home stay cooler or warmer; you're also extending the life of your HVAC system. The average air conditioning unit lasts around 12 years, while the average furnace lasts about 15 years. When the workload on your unit is decreased, the longevity of the parts and components of your HVAC system increases. This is great news for those budget conscious consumers who have older units in their homes.

Quality Wake Forest Air Conditioning Service And Repair

One of the best ways to care for your HVAC system and ensure that it will function appropriately as the weather cools down is to have your system cleaned and inspected. At Choice Heating and Air Conditioning, we offer planned maintenance agreements for residential customers. Homeowners can enjoy having their HVAC unit cleaned and inspected twice a year, preferred service call status, and discounted parts and repair services. These preventative maintenance calls help technicians identify small repairs that need to be made to your unit before they become expensive emergency service calls. Haven't had your unit cleaned and serviced in the last six months? Then it's time to schedule your appointment for a fall service call with Choice.

Choice Heating and Air Conditioning has been the area's top choice for both residential and commercial HVAC service and systems for years. Our experienced staff has the skills and product knowledge you need to help you get quality repairs or to select the right unit for your home or business. If your unit barely made it through last winter, beat the cold weather rush and call us for the best Wake Forest air conditioning service!

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