Holiday Fire Safety Tips

heat repair in Wake Forest NCThe holidays bring lots of festive lights and decorations into your home but did you know they also bring additional fire dangers? As the season goes on, live trees become dry and brittle. A dry tree next to your home's heat source could be a recipe for disaster. Avoid becoming a statistic this holiday season and follow these important safety tips. For the best prices for 2019 heat repair in Wake Forest NC, call Choice HVAC!

Fire Safety Tips for the 2018 Holidays

Each year Christmas trees are responsible for more than 13 million dollars in property damage.

If you have a live tree in your home, keep safety threats at bay by:

Choosing a tree that isn't shedding needles easily. The needles on the tree should be hard to pluck, and the branches should bend without breaking.

Keep your tree away from heat sources like fireplaces, heat vents, radiators, and candles. Be sure to water your tree regularly to keep it from drying out. Purchase a tree stand that has a large water reservoir to help keep your tree moist even if you miss a day watering it. If you are planning to go away for an extended period of time during the holiday season, consider investing in a system like the Tree Nanny to help keep your tree watered while you are away. The Tree Nanny can be found on

Check your Christmas light strands for broken or frayed wires and missing bulbs. Only use lights that have been lab tested by the UL or ETL/ITSNA for safety. Throw out any strands that do not stay lit or that continually blow fuses.

Set a timer on your tree to turn it off at night and when you are away from home. Consider plugging your tree into a smart plug device you can control with your smartphone. If you are planning to be away for an extended period during the holidays, unplug your tree from the electrical outlet in your home as an added precaution.

Keep pets away from your tree and check low hanging light strands for damage from your pets. Some animals are interested in the Christmas tree and may chew or lick the lighting on the tree. If your pet has been chewing on your tree, check the cords on the lights in that area to ensure that there is no damage. If damage has occurred, remove the strand from your tree and replace it.

When your tree begins to drop its needles it's time to remove the decorations and take it out of your home. If you have experienced any issues with the lights on your tree during the holiday season, throw away any strands of malfunctioning lights to avoid accidentally using these lights next year.

Best 2019 Heat Repair in Wake Forest NC

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