How to Handle a Heating Emergency During Winter

furnace service in Wake ForestIf you're waking up on a cold North Carolina morning to an icy house, you may be facing a heating emergency. While there may be nothing worse, the best thing you can do is keep your cool and know how to handle the situation. Do you need furnace service in Wake Forest? Call Choice HVAC for a free estimate.

The best and safest thing to do if your furnace has stopped working is to turn the unit off at the thermostat. Doing this helps prevent fire and gas or carbon monoxide leaks. Be sure to also turn off your natural gas valves to further ensure that no gas leaks occur.

You'll want to keep your family as warm as possible while you wait for the technician from Choice Heating and Air Conditioning to arrive for your service call. To help prevent heat loss to the outside and keep the cold air out, roll up towels or blankets and put them along the bottoms of your doors. This will help prevent heat loss and remind family members to keep doors closed. An open exterior door can drop the temperature indoors by as much as ten degrees.

If your home has south facing windows, open the curtains to bring in a little heat if the weather is sunny. If it is not, keep curtains and window coverings closed to prevent heat loss.

Should your furnace be out for an extended period of time, set up a tent inside your living room. The tent makes it easier to capture and share body heat. This will keep you warmer longer than any other method. Wear layers of clothes and utilize sleeping bags and blankets for added warmth.

If you have a wood or gas fireplace in your home, now is a great time to utilize it. Close off the doors to the room where the fireplace is located to keep as much heat in the room as possible. If there are no doors to close, hang blankets over the doorways to help trap the heat in the room.

Using a portable heater can help warm your room while you wait for a service call. Ensure that your propane heater is designed for indoor use because those designed for outdoor use can give off deadly carbon monoxide. Operate these devices at a minimum and be sure to crack a window when you do to allow the carbon monoxide to escape. Keep all portable heaters at least three feet from anything flammable.

Affordable Furnace Service in Wake Forest for 2019

Choice Heating and Air Conditioning can help you avoid a furnace outage this winter with a cleaning and inspection of your HVAC system. Our team of highly trained technicians can identify potential problems with your unit before they become more significant issues. Avoid the emergency service call this winter and have Choice Heating and Air Conditioning provide your furnace service in Wake Forest!

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