Why Is My Furnace Blowing Cold Air?

HVAC service in Wake Forest NCIf you've woken up to a cold house or come home to find that your furnace isn't working correctly, you know how unpleasant that is. The last thing you want is for your furnace to blow cold air when it's cold outside. There are some common and easy to fix reasons why this can happen. Before you call Choice Heating and Air Conditioning for a service call, try these tips to troubleshoot the issue yourself. If you're sure you need HVAC service in Wake Forest NC, call us for a free estimate.

Thermostat Issues
Programmable thermostats require a battery to operate their display. In some cases, when this battery dies so does your thermostat's ability to control the temperature in your home. Also, if you installed your thermostat yourself, instead of having a professional do it, it is possible that there is a loose or crossed connection. Be sure to check the temperature setting on the thermostat. Well-meaning spouses and other household members have been known to turn the temperature way down for their own comfort.

Faulty Ignition
Does your furnace have an electric ignition? Your system may be experiencing a failure of this system or may need an adjustment to correct an issue with the way the ignition is firing. Unfortunately, this does mean that you will need to have an HVAC technician come to your home. With Choice Heating and Air Conditioning, you'll know exactly what the problem is and how much you will pay for the repairs before work begins. We believe in providing our customers with honest, reliable service without hidden fees.

Pilot Light
Older furnaces rely on a continuous pilot light to work. If your pilot light has been knocked out by a gust of air or someone being near the furnace, you can relight the pilot light yourself. However, only homeowners who are comfortable doing this themselves should attempt this. Otherwise, let one of our HVAC technicians perform this service for you. While we are in your home, we can conduct an inspection of your furnace and air conditioner to ensure that they are both working correctly as we get ready to transition to spring.

Air Filters
A clogged air filter can cause your furnace to overheat or restrict the air flow into your home so much that it feels like your furnace has stopped working. HVAC industry experts recommend that you change these filters every four to six weeks based on the air quality in and around your home.

HVAC Service in Wake Forest NC

Choice Heating and Air Conditioning can help you avoid a furnace outage this winter with professional HVAC service in Wake Forest NC. Our team of highly trained technicians can identify potential problems with your unit before they become more significant issues. Avoid the emergency service call this winter and have Choice Heating and Air Conditioning provide your furnace service in Wake Forest!

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